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Adanei Varan

Adanei Varan, full name Adanei Varan Tereses, is a female Trainer from the human settlements in the Cadrícean Widefields Sovereignty and a national of Suocé. She is one of the protagonists of “Stars of Suocé(TBA) . She is the second, and youngest, child of the marriage of Mirto Varan, a chef from Javise, and Canela Tereses, a Cadrícean national and economist, and has Lou Varan as her eldest sibling. Adanei is good friends with fellow protagonist and Trainer Matja Zaveḱ, with whom she shared accommodations during the Great Caledoria-Cadrícea Earthquake.

Adanei Varan Tereses

Adanei is a competitive-trending Trainer, having already qualified for the Conference Tournament for at least one year prior to Stars… and is the one among the three protagonists running a full Gym Challenge Journey by the time of the adventure. She is a well-known face as a student of the Deren Institute and a well-performing Trainer, and is expected to make it to high ranking in the Conference Tournament by the year the adventures of Stars… come to end.

Adanei started her adventure from Cadrícea with a Chikorita, later dubbed "Bossy Bayleef" at her side. Her starter was given to her by local Prof. Sirana Alvir as part of a batch from the Starter Program, unlike her fellow Trainers Matja and Thom who also got their starters from the Professor but under different circumstances.


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Team: Adanei Varan
On Hand Bayleef Lanturn Mothim Vanillite
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