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The region of Angela is a fanon region originating from WAAPT that exists in the Suocéverse and is located in the same continent, but opposite side, as the Unova region. It is intended to function as a stand-in for what would be California in the same way that Unova is intended as a stand-in for New York (and, to a lesser extent, Emisre a stand-in for Mexico and New Mexico).

Recent History

In terms of recent history Angela is a very important region to the background of the Suocéverse, as that was the region where Pokefutures was operating and made a government of after the erasure of the Rienna Valleys Sovereignty. However, the nature of the organization was revealed to the world at large leading to a socioeconomic schism that basically bankrupted the entire region and led to an invasion of the region of Emisre.

The fall of Pokefutures and of Angela with it, thus changed the landscape of scientific development of the Pokémon world, shook the balance of power across “evil teams”, and eventually led to the birth of the PEFE organization. Characters ranging from Machalí sol Linaros to Zygarde are affected by the fall of Angela.

By the time G2/G4 strikes, Angela is ruled by a provisional government directly responding to the Pokémon International Police, and several countries have already expressed disapproval towards allowing Angela to run free government elections anytime soon.

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