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 ===== Ask ===== ===== Ask =====
-Interested in asking questions about the Suocéverse and or current projects? ​[[http://​​ask|You can send an ask over Tumblr]] (mention Suocéverse as the subject).+Interested in asking questions about the Suocéverse and or current projects? ​
-You can also contact me in other [[Official Channels|channels]]though note they are external and might require membership.+Maybe want to proofreadbeta read or edit master some materials? ​
 +Or want to gush over how cool [[:​Berecien]] and [[:​Eltenios]] are?
-{{tag>​Meta Lists}}+You can [[https://​​@VeniaSilente|ask and talk about via Mastodon]] (mention "​Suocéverse"​ as the subject) and/or [[https://​​ask|Ask over Tumblr]] (note that this channel is awaiting deprecation and will see delay in responses). 
 +Of course you can also contact me via any of the direct messaging channels available at [[:Official Channels]], primarily via public XMPP chatrooms where I'm available. 
 +{{tag>​Meta Lists Contributing}}