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Berecien is a male Ponyta specimen, later Rapidash, and once famous racing Pokémon under the tutelage of the Mezze Estate. He was once the lead racing Pokémon of retired jockey Nicolato Mezze and together they earned a lot of trophies, with Berecien being renowned as the fastest Rapidash in the country. He is one of the main characters of Playfield .

The base character (see Character Concept) is also the Fledglingsverse; see Fledglingsverse.



This section deals with events not yet published in Suocéverse canon (as of the last update of this article).


Berecien is one of a long lineage of racing Pokémon maintained by the Mezze Estate, and up to shortly before the events in Playfield he was active and spearheading in the sport.

During their active years, Nicolato Mezze and Berecien made a name for themselves in Pokémon racing across several countries, though they focused their activities around Suocé. Up until ca. 3725 PE, posters and magazine covers featuring the two would be released at least once a year. As a thoroughbred he was finely trained for the racing circuits in Suocé, but in exchange lacked fighting experience and prowess, so as other jockeys did with their companions before him, Nicolato also raised a few Pokémon to keep as a regular team and serve as support.

Berecien's training regime has granted him high stamina and a honed ability to explosively consume his own Fire-type energy, much like his fellow Fire-type Eltenios, and just like him he also lacks on actual offensive moves or battle experience: their bursts of energy are geared towards the simple task of getting to, or out of, a place fast. During his formation Berecien was kept on a strict diet under the watch of the Estate's medical team, including a kinesiologist and a nutritionist; part of this carried long into Berecien's adult life where he was forbidden to eat certain kinds of food, including some berries. In his spare time, Berecien would sometimes go around the Estate grounds collecting the food he could not eat and then would trade over with the various Pokémon around.

After Nicolato's retirement, Berecien went to retirement as well, however he did not abandon racing completely. Rather, he periodically met around the grounds of the Mezze Estate with Eltenios, with whom he had made friends during their younger years. As both of them enjoyed racing, they periodically went into escapades all across the countryside, to the chagrin of their respective employers at the time.

During retirement Berecien is occupied with being a good Pokémon and building up his own family. By the time Playfield rolls around, he and his mate have one son in Cimiero and are expecting the birth of their first daughter, who will become Darius Mezze's racing companion and second Pokémon, Primor.

End spoilers.


Berecien and Eltenios made a habit of meeting every year in the day of the Solstice, when they would travel to the eastern edge of the country near Amace and rush all the way to the west across the country to reach the coast near Río Qinto. This was only one, if not the most important, time of the year where both Pokémon would meet and go together to have adventures for a day, competing in good spirits and in general showing off as two of the highest performant Pokémon in the region. While their annual race was something they did this mostly for fun, one particular Solstice they managed to beat the Sun to it and became a sort of local legend.

At some point during Stars of Suocé , Nicolato Mezze offers Berecien as a mount to Ravir Eisenhorth for the then Champion to reach the Lesgislature Offices in Jávise quickly due to an emergency meeting. After the task is done, Berecien takes a detour during the trip back to meet with Eltenios and idle about for the day near the city.


In his appearance in Playfield it is possible to see Berecien as a character who is well educated as a formerly trained Pokémon but is also uptight and looks at himself and the life around him with a high standard. He often compares his previous achievements; in the original Playfield it can be seen that he is quick to take on a challenge.

A proud Pokémon well aware of his own history, Berecien doesn't let anyone who is to listen to him forget that before he retired he was an awesome racer, and sometimes boasts of still being able to perform at a high level; Eltenios being his close friend and knowing full well the runs both are capable of, takes this in good grace and sometimes mocks him about it.

One aspect of the character discussed in the meta is that, given his life as a Trainer Pokémon very close to humans, Berecien would have some experience with activities such as bartering, watching movies and making performances for fun (not much unlike contests). It would be suggested that at some points he would have even invited Eltenios to spend some time in the Estate watching movies and having a more regular time with the estate's inhabitants.

The original Playfield has Eltenios be the one that remarks on the various legends humans have about Pokémon like Arcanine and Rapidash; for a rewrite knowledge (and pride) of the Rapidash myth would of course go to Berecien himself.


Raised and trained as a racing Pokémon since early age, Berecien does not have much in the ways of combat techniques. His abilities are mostly limited to his natural movepool, though he could have been tutored a few moves for support. His stamina and constitution, geared for maintaining a high-performance, regular output of energy for predetermined periods of time, also allows him to hold back attackers and intruders when he joins the other wild Pokémon in the Estate during their usual rounds, but he still needs support for any direct confrontation.

Berecien's ability is :?:undecided(meta/in-universe). The most likely candidate setup is that he and Eltenios share the Flash Fire ability, allowing them to in theory boost each other during their races.


Character Concept

As a character concept, Berecien first originated as one of the two then-unnamed protagonists in PokéCommunity's SWC 2009 entry, Playfield. Unlike Eltenios, Berecien remained unused until an off-hand mention in the WAAPT-verse, and after that was reworked into the Suocéverse continuity, making Suocéverse Berecien a sort of “Berecien 2.0” contrasted with Eltenios' “3.0”.

As the unnamed Rapidash in Playfield, Berecien was the first character developed for the story and was basically among the first characters to be built for the Suocéverse proper, following Ravir's Electabuzz and Inka.

In the Suocéverse a key aspect of Berecien's relationships in the setting is that he is intended to be one of three Fire-type Pokémon who make part of separate lores of renown in the lands of Suocé, the other two being Eltenios and Hechicera, his role and renown as a Pokémon raised and trained by humans contrasted against Eltenios' dealings with the Cadrícean deer trio and the Hechicera's solitary life.


(Note: This revision of the article is reviewed by Fledglingsverse coauthors Spiteful Murkrow (Fledglings) and Virgil134 (Casting Off) ).

A different incarnation of the character concept, still retaining the name “Berecien”, serves as one of the members of Cabot's Team in the Fledglingsverse, a PMD-esque setting with SpitefulMurkrow and Virgil134 as the co-developers. The Fledglingsverse features Berecien at different points: as a secondary character in Fledglings and as one of the three lead characters in Casting Off.

In the Fledglingsverse, Berecien is a Ponyta from the island of Giotto, but his family hails from Nagrobek, a territory annexed by the Company (one of the two large forces in conflict in the setting) and also the same place the verse's incarnation of Eltenios is from. Born of the island's noble blood he grew to resent the Company's control over his homeland, and he sought joining the Navy as a shot to eventually have a hand in returning the islands to his people. He would every once in a while go race along across Giotto, enjoying the landscape and also rememorating the tradition his father held of running across what was their home before the family fled.

While he's a recurrent character in Fledglings, Berecien's adventures are given more prominent screentime in Casting Off, where we see the backstory of Cabot when he first met Berecien and they joined the Royal Navy. They end up paired together and clash with a band of mercenaries joining the Navy due in no small part to Berecien's high-brow attitude, but Cabot and Berecien manage to earn enough respect that one of them, Niilo, joins their team. Later “Team Cabot” is assigned to the vessel of subfranchise's top Clawitzer, Captain Nagant, and they must deal with life and menial tasks as a rookie team. After an ambush at sea which the team helps overcome, and they gain some recognition from the Captain. With this “Team Cabot” looks into future adventures, which will eventually land them into a number of encounters with the main cast of Fledglings in the various factions' pursue of the setting's Pleo.

While not as deep as with their Suocéverse incarnations, Berecien and Eltenios are still connected, their families hailing from the same homeland and having a potential for a strong dynamic with the former as a noble turned soldier and the latter as a pirate turned somewhat-reluctant-hero. This and some other factors maintain the nod to their relationship in Playfield .

Casting Off author Virgil134 publishes a trivia section giving some more insight on the story, including Berecien's character.


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