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Black Thumb Gang

The organization called Black Thumb Gang (es: “Pulgar Negro”) is a group dedicated to kidnapping and ransom that operates in Suocé and Caledoria. They were widely known for their stable profile and modus operandi. The organization was almost disbanded and went underground following the intervention of a bunch of Trainers, most notably Ravir Eisenhorth, ca. 3728 PE, but managed to survive until after 3732 PE, when they allied with the Determinants of Baronesia.

The motives behind Black Thumb's operations was never discovered.


Black Thumb Gang dedicated to ransom, apparently for money, but while it was suspected that they pursued privileged information, this was never proven. Their mode of operation was, according to the police at the time, mostly singular. They would kidnap a trained Pokémon, wait three to five days and then demand a ransom in order to return the Pokémon to their Trainer safely. Unique to this organization, the Pokémon was always returned after the ransom was paid, and without harm except for convenient amnesia that prevented the Pokémon from remembering the events surrounding their capture, if they had even recorded such memories in the first place.

While the kidnappings were rare, within the confines of the regions of Suocé and Caledoria no one was safe and there was no apparent way to know who would be next. This lasted until ca. August 3726 PE, when one of the Pokémon attached to Ravir Eisenhorth's team managed to witness a kidnapping in Acrasa, Suocé.

Eventually the headquarters of Black Thumb were located in the city of Marisávide, Suocé, and raided by a small police force and a group of three Trainers including Ravir. The operation ended with the capture of most members of Black Thumb, but not before they were able to scramble or destroy most of the information about the group. Without any further apparent means for the organization to proceed, Black Thumb was declared disbanded, and Ravir Eisenhorth was given the Keys to the city of Marisávide.

Black Thumb spent three years underground, in operations unknown as there were no further kidnappings during that time period following the organization's modus operandi. However in 3731 they resurfaced after they happened to kidnap one of the Pokémon of a high ranking accountant of the Determinants of Baronesia, earning important intel that allowed them to negotiate their way into the Determinant's core project.

Eventually Black Thumb stepped forward to assist in the Determinant's demonstration of their newest technology for auction, when they sieged and kidnapped the city of Désona; however, once again the organization was disbanded and the siege ended by the actions of Ravir Eisenhorth who had by then become the region's Champion, and the participation of a few Trainers who remained close to the city such as Matja Zaveḱ ( “Stars of Suocé(TBA) ).