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 +===== Buchanan =====
 +**Buchanan** is the male [[bp>​Eevee]],​ later [[bp>​Espeon]],​ attached to the team of [[Machalí sol Linaros]] as a [[Champion]] of Suocé. ​
 +===== History =====
 +===== Appearances ======
 +===== Character Concept =====
 +Buchanan is one of two Pokémon based off of the [[bp>​Umbreon]] from Bill's batch in Goldenrod in the author'​s run of Pokémon Soul Silver, who was brought several times to the routes around [[bp>​Mahogany Town]] for biking or looting cycles until he evolved. For a character concept he's regressed to the Eevee stage and evolved into an Umbreon. The other, "​proper"​ Umbreon derived from this concept is [[Ufeŭ]].
 +As a character, Buchanan is envisioned as a stern, analytic and clingy Espeon who would have built over time good experience finding the weak points in opponent formations and would usually give instructions to the team (or right out lead the strategy once [[Pokéteco]] is unavailable). He would specialize in a role similar to that of a Synergist, creating fields of energy where his allies would be able to fall back to to receive various boosts or heal from enfeeblements,​ and would devise strategies to improve his own mobility so as to draw enemy fire away from eg.: [[Maekrite]].
 +As a feline Pokémon with psychic abilities and knowing of the technique to teleport, he would be susceptible (and vulnerable) to summoning via [[Summon Cat]].
 +He is named after [[http://​​wiki/​Bill_Buchanan|Bill Buchanan]], a character in the TV series //24//.
 +----dataentry pokemon----
 +species_tag : Eevee
 +name        : Buchanan
 +gender ​     : male
 +latest_stage : Espeon
 +affiliations_pages : Machalí sol Linaros
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