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Cobalion is one of the historical rulers and guardians of the Cadrícean Sovereignty. A male specimen of his kind rumored to be at least four hundred years old, Cobalion is part of the trio of Pokémon who have taken charge of the Sovereignty since long before humans arrived to colonize Suocé. He roams the Sovereignty in search of gossip and various kinds of information that could reveal threats to their realm, and often circles around small settlements and towns, just far off the average Trainer's reach that he can keep an ear on daily events without his presence disrupting the daily routine of his subjects.

Cadrícean Sovereignty


Of his trio Cobalion is notably the most forthcoming and the one who has the most experience regarding human societies; at the same time tho he's quite the rare sight, and the combination of the two factors and his general knowledge of human affairs has him pegged by most people as an omen of upcoming tensions in human-Pokémon relationships.

Cobalion wanders across the landscape following the same trails both Pokémon and humans use to go from one place to another, to the point he knows by heart the schedules of the Cadrícean railroads and the transit map of Cadrícea City. He also chases information and grasps “street life”, going around the road and seeking to obtain news and gossip from trained Pokémon or even from Trainers themselves. He has shown understanding of how phones, the internet and even the Pokédex work. Overall he will always be moving around looking for new information and watching recent events, looking to discover anything that could pose a threat to their realm.

Cobalion is observant and confident even when dealing with humans; he won't refuse a challenge from a Trainer if the challenger can prove he has something good (usually information) to offer in exchange. Knowing how important his presence is to the stability of the realm, he will stop short of allowing attachment or capture in the terms of a challenge though, although he will where possible grant whoever defeats him in combat a token for bragging rights.

Unfortunately, Cobalion is hard to find and not very amicable or welcoming to the idea of a following or an entourage, usually wandering on his own or in the company of three or four Pokémon of his trust. He operates from the shadows and usually burdens Virizion with his tasks when he wants to make himself scarce, to the point that even when it comes to some important events such as the Cadrícean Draft in 3728 PE, Virizion has had to be the one to carry Cobalion's word around.



While not as strong as Terrakion and not as nimble as Virizion, Cobalion is resilient to damage and moves swiftly to switch from long to short attack range, as tends to be the norm of his species. His constitution and experience in observing opponents makes it unlikely for a frontal attack to knock him down unless he's really winded down. However most of his defense is trained for direct attack and he needs to put effort to defend himself against projectile moves.

Deflective Swordmonship

Cobalion practises a distinctive style of swordmonship when using his antlers and the Sacred Sword. Oftentimes he uses the energy blade to keep his opponent at length, within the range and direction he wants. His moves are often calculated and oriented towards deflecting incoming moves and forcing the opponent off-stance so that Cobalion can finish them with other moves, notably differing from Virizion's more forceful and fulminant style.

Nadia Shepard reported in her published autobiography that she once saw Cobalion surrounded by four Pokémon on rocky terrain; when a Manectric among them lunged at him, Cobalion deftly swung his blade under the opponent's feet causing them throw them off-balance, then before the Manectric had even touched ground again Cobalion had slipped past his other flank and turned to land a single rear hoof kick on the Manectric's shoulder that crippled him for the rest of the fight.


Like others of his kind Cobalion has the ability to speak his mind to be understood by others, including humans, which is suspected to be via telepathy; however unlike others of his trio in the least, Cobalion can both read and write in a number of languages at basic level, both human and Pokémon including the dialect used in the Shrine of Magic; for this he uses his hooves or anything he can find to operate as a pen. Where he has the available means, Cobalion signs official Cadrícean government documents with an actual signature, stylized after the fin-like plate cover on his shoulder; his other two counterparts leave variants of their hoof imprints instead.

Cobalion can operate and dial both rotary phones and flip phones provided he has with him a tool to handle the keys. Still as he can not directly speak human language his attempts to make phone calls to various services usually end up in an awkward one-sided conversation with the operator and thus Cobalion does not really have anyone to talk by phone with. It is told sometimes that Cobalion actually used to have a phone number but it was eventually recycled for this reason.

Techniques known

  • Metal Claw.
  • Double Kick, Sacred Sword.
  • Leer, False Swipe.
  • The Justified proactive ability.