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 ====== Cyanoger ====== ====== Cyanoger ======
 +**Cyanoger** is a male [[bp>​Manectric]],​ a trained Pokémon attached to [[Ravir Eisenhorth]]'​s team, nearing his retirement. During the years Ravir battled in the Conference Tournament and against [[Black Thumb Gang]], though as he grew old, he fell behind Electabuzz'​s skill.
 ----dataentry pokemon---- ----dataentry pokemon----
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-====== Appearances ​======+===== Appearances =====
-  * //[[hist:Interim]]// (cameo) (TBA)+  * {{<%hist|Interim>​}} ​(cameo)
 {{tag>​characters pokémon male electrike}} {{tag>​characters pokémon male electrike}}