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Trope List

This section is a listing of tropes in use in various Suocéverse works, offered here freely to collect a local archive that can also be used at various trope-collecting sites.

The trope listings and descriptions provided here are multiple-licensed: as I am the author of this listing, an open permission is granted to copy from here to any available site, such as TVTropes or All the Tropes, that uses at least a Creative Commons Atribution (cc-by) license.

Tropes General

  • Big Badass Bird of Prey - Roc, who is avian, large and in charge (at least when Tagg's Bulbasaur is not around).
  • Big Friendly Dog - Eltenios fits this whenever he's off the clock. When he's on the clock, he's just a blur that woofs.
  • Canis Major - Cyanoger in extended materials.
  • Cats Are Magic - Ceiling Meowstic, the Meowstic in Anistar City's Gym, in both extended materials and in WAAPT, materializes from the constellations in the starry sky and is capable of bringing objects from different dimensions.
    • Sol to a lesser extent in that, at least in WAAPT, she can teleport through the meta.
  • Children in Tow - Inka and Baluarkos and one of their four litters in Silly Human, Romance is for Nidoran :!: N/A . And then there's the rest of the colony…
  • Courier - one of Eltenios's jobs under the patronage of the Cadrícean Sovereign trio.
  • Detective Animal - Kalas was once this as hinted in A Case of Winging It :!: N/A but he is now, for the most part, retired.
  • Happily Adopted - Shahinne in both the Suocéverse continuity and the WAAPT continuity though to different families in each.
  • Instant Messenger Pigeon - Shahinne in extended materials, in particular in WAAPT, where her Double Team clones can bring and send news all around.
  • Killer Rabbit - Inka, to a point. She gets to kill one of the five Elder Dragons of her time period, nearly on her own, just for extra value.
  • King in the Mountain - Ho-Oh and Lugia failed this during the Near-Apocalypse of Hoenn and the entire hemisphere could be doomed, but more than made up for it by coming to save Johto in the prophetized hour when Giratina and the events of Platinum came knocking ( Suocéverse Legends ).
  • Last Stand - In her Serebii Character Interviews entry, Inka promises this to whoever comes knocking next threatening Suocé after she has retired. She says if anyone come to harm her Trainer, who is the Champion, they'll have to earn it.
  • Royals Who Actually Do Something - The first thing Inka did after securing the inner rings of the La Plancha Sovereignty was to lead a retraining of all Poison and Bug forces to fight dragons.
    • The second thing she did? Kill that dragon faction's elder and leader.
  • Star Scraper - the Sky Pillar in Hoenn is stated in the Suocéverse to be about 4.2 km tall.
  • Street Urchin - Kid the Spearow before Kalas found him, in the backstory of A Case of Winging It :!: N/A .
    • In development materials, Eltenios also has a brief status as this as his background.
  • The Tower - the Lega Runa Battle Tower in Suocé, a building only 120 m short of qualifying as a Star Scraper.
  • War in Heaven - Dialga obliquely hints in Beyond Today that he wants to submit Dalvin as an aide to protect Arceus's grounds in case this were to happen.

Work-Specific Tropes

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Sabres in the Sandstone

  • Combat Chivalry – Seeing Colton send out two Pokémon, Cobalion offers the human the option to send out three. Colton thanks Cobalion for the offer but wisely refuses.
  • Creepy Monotone – the town's visiting Natu flock manage to do this when they perfectly imitate the motions of Colton's Xatu, creeping the human out that they can do that without apparent delay or prompting.


“Cute. Creepy, but cute.”
  • Scare Chord – a mental one when Cobalion enters the arena.

Forever Catch

Asking for Roc

Beyond Today

Simpler than Magic

  • Maybe Magic, Maybe Mundane - Ho-Oh goes to length to provide conflicting information on whether his fabled ability to revive the dead is magic, sleight-of-hand, or something else.

As They Were


Built for Risk

Silly Human, Romance is for Nidoran~

  • Closed Door Rapport - invoked when Inka lets the automatic door close right in front of Baluarkos and the eager male trying everything from scratching to ramming and even insulting the door to try and get to Inka again.


  • And the Adventure Continues... – the ending: why run one race when you can run two: day and night?
  • Automaton Horses – hinted in that Berecien and Eltenios are said to race all day long, although we only see a brief glimpse of that; averted in the end where it is shown that by the end of the (first) race, they needed their food, drink and rest.


“But we already are the best, or didn't you notice the world blurring out back there?”
  • The Big Race and Epic Race – the point of the story is that Berecien and Eltenios are doing this (and have been doing it for years) to show that they can be the very best like no one ever was. Besides, it does span crossing the entire landmass of Suocé from east to west, from dawn to dusk, and would likely span at least two timezones.
  • Greek Mythology – Berecien mentions the myth of the horse-led chariot pulling the Sun.
  • Retired Badass – not just yet, but Berecien discusses that he will soon have to become this.
  • Updated Rerelease: the 10th Anniversary Redux edition, which canonized character names and also brings the story up to continuity with the larger Suocéverse.

Meta Tropes