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-[size=smaller]//​The **Suocéverse** and the contents of this wiki are **[[wp>​Transformative work]]s** under [[https://​​licenses/​by-nc-sa/​4.0/​|Creative Commons]] except where noted. Pokémon franchise-specific elements ​© their owners including ​[[bp>​Game Freak]].\\ For inquiries, head over to [[:​Disclaimer]].//​[/​size]+[size=smaller]//​The **Suocéverse** and this wiki are **[[wp>​Transformative work|fanworks]]** under [[http://​​licenses/​by-nc-sa/​4.0/​|(CC)]] except where noted. Pokémon franchise © [[bp>​Game Freak]] ​et al. [[:​Disclaimer|More]].//​[/​size]