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Gesta is a male specimen of Electrike living in the PMD world's Grass Continent and the leader of Team Kokool. He is one of the two lead characters in Beyond Today .

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This section deals with events not yet published in Suocéverse canon (as of the last update of this article).


In the times right before the Planet's Paralysis, Dusknoir the Great Detective saved Minto and Dalvin from an ambush by a tribe of feral Manectric living in the heart of Amp Plans. With the activities of the feral tribes in the area revealed, they earned a lot of bad reputation and they were eventually driven out of the plains' heart by the intrusions of one Adventure Team after another. In the following years, evicted from their home and seen as outcasts, the tribes split and sought refuge in other nearby areas of the Grass Continent.

It was in this historical frame that Gesta was born, only a few years after the Planet's Paralysis was cured. Part of a tribe that knew no law and no allies like many others, Gesta went around during his childhood as he pleased, indistinguishable from the wild creatures in the Mystery Dungeons. Eventually, Ŝafo, a former teammate of Minto and Dalvin, found him and other children and decided to help raise them.

End spoilers.


Some years after the Planet's Paralysis was over, Gesta and other Pokémon migrated from the Shimmering Cave pack to the nascent guild of Lietre Plains. There he formed Team Kokool with his two teammates Jazila and Çaro. They took part in several missions gathering resources for the guild and the town's inhabitants, and in time they hoped to raise in rank so they would be able to follow in Gesta's dream: to pursue outlaws and help bring to the Guild life those who had been forced to become outcasts, the same way Gesta's mentor Ŝafo once rescued him.

At some point after the battle against the Bittercold in the Mist Continent, Gesta and his team were assigned yet another Escort Mission, this time helping their Prinplup guest fetch stones and golden apples from the roads by the nearby river. However, before the task could be completed, a distress call came: a rookie team had become trapped in a cave system nearby and while trying to find an alternate exit they had been forced into a high-difficulty path involving several Monster House instances.

Team Kokool was one of the closest to the area and Gesta decided to take an emergency teleport there, for some reason bringing their client along for the ride; once in the area Team Kokool faced hardships to perform the extraction, with the situation becoming dire when Team Kokool themselves were ambushed. Luckily for both teams the Prinplup accompanying them was none other than Dalvin, mentor Ŝafo's former team leader and the Pokémon who had returned from the Hidden Lands after stopping the Planet's Paralysis ( Beyond Today ).

After the rescue, Gesta was wounded like the others but he was grateful he got to know one of his mentor's teammates. He even got to speak with the Prinplup of his early life. They were about to talk about Ŝafo, whom Dalvin wanted to meet again, but the reunion had to be cut short when Dalvin was taken away for an emergency request at Dragon Gate.


  • Thundershock Ⅱ, Thunderbolt Ⅰ.
  • Leer Ⅰ.
  • The Static ability.
  • The base IQ Group F skills (Course Checker, Escapist, Item Checker, etc).

(Techniques are ranked relative to what would be a reasonable move rank in Gates and Super).



Gesta's character is based on a similarly named Electrike recruit in the author's Explorers of Sky run, and who was recruited late after the Amp Plains mission but who took a backseat to Ŝafo; Gesta being essentially a junior to Ŝafo is referred to in-story.