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 +====== Persian ======
 +**Giovanni'​s Persian** is the male specimen of [[bp>​Meowth]],​ later [[bp>​Persian]],​ who accompanies [[Giovanni]] as his partner Pokémon. He is also, in a certain way (and true to his own eyes) the Leader of [[bp>​Team Rocket]].
 +----dataentry pokemon----
 +species_tag : Mewoth
 +name        : Persian
 +gender ​     : male
 +latest_stage : Persian
 +affiliations_pages : Giovanni
 +===== Life =====
 +===== Personality =====
 +As a cat, and a well placed one in society at that, Persian knows that he is bound to lord over humans and be provided satisfactions of all kinds by them. He considers any and all personnel in Team Rocket to be ultimately to his service, as he does any and all people or companies that the Team or Giovanni "​acquires"​ by various means; and in his eyes, [[bp>​Viridian City]] downtown is his territory and his playground.
 +Persian cares much for his human, Giovanni being one of the only few people of things that Persian doesn'​t claim //​property//​ over. The two go walk around together and when the times are easy they even go on hunting trips for Persian to keep his skills honed. Persian also cares for his human'​s family, even coming to specifically take care of their young heir [[bp>​Silver]] when asked to. Still, Persian somewhat resents that the activities of Team Rocket take their toll on his partner Giovanni, depriving him of valuable time that he could share with Persian for them to play together instead. Hence he takes any opening where Giovanni shows tiredness or disinterest to claim his attention and ward off any attempts by Team Rocket to engage him again; after all they are //his// subjects so they //can// and //will// wait.
 +Even though he feels he sits at the top of his world, Persian is well aware enemies to his welfare or that of his human can come from any direction. Persian'​s **arch-enemy** is none other than the //[[Red Dot]]//, a strange entity that manifests out of thin air every once in a while, anywhere it wants, and seems to be able to infiltrate even the top secret facilities of Team Rocket where even their security measures can't catch up to it. Despite his hunting prowess, Persian has never been able to completely subdue the [color=red]Red Dot[/color] or track it to its hideout.
 +===== Techniques =====
 +===== Meta =====
 +===== Appearances =====
 +  * **{{<​%hist|Overlord>​}}** (main character).
 +{{tag>​characters Pokémon Meowth male Character_Concept Canon_Character}}