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The Hechicera is a roaming wild Ninetales female of old age and unfriendly disposition living in the western half of Suocé. She wanders across the mountainranges and the forests from the La Plancha Sovereignty to the areas surrounding Nantes to the south. She is slated to appear in “Stars of Suocé(TBA) as a recurring character.



This section deals with events not yet published in Suocéverse canon (as of the last update of this article).


The Ninetales has lived for at least a hundred years before the events in Stars…, doing what she can to survive and not pledging allegiance to anyone. Like others of her kind she's vindictive and slow to open to trust. Presumably the time in her life where she would have been more social would have been during her youth if she went to practice her species' witchcraft-like skills at the Shrine of Magic. Among her many skills the most notorious ones that can be counted are the ability to phase through certain types of wood, her domain of the Imprison and Spite techniques, and her ability to deflect certain attacks like Shadow Ball.

During Stars…, Thom Eisenhorth encounters her after he's fought off another wild Ninetales - the elusive male Hechicera was trying to court in her territory. Irated at the human scaring away the very rare males of her species in the wild, Hechicera attacks Thom's team head-on, not concerning herself with "The Vow". Taking advantage of Confusion and of her ability to phase through wood, she manages to subdue Thom's Nincada. Croconaw (Thom) goes next and manages to defeat her in battle by cornering her against a creek with very weak terrain.

Taking her last chance to fight, Hechicera goads Croconaw into specifically using Water Gun against her, intercepts it and feeds it to her Grudge curse which she lands on him automagically. As she applies the curse on him a strange entity that was witnessing the battle has their energy siphoned into the curse and applied onto Croconaw as well, without either him or Hechicera realizing. The ground cedes under the Ninetales and she falls to the water current, too weakened to fight against it, and is carried away.

Only two days later, back at a Pokécenter near Nartes, would Thom and Croconaw discover that the Grudge curse applied on the latter not only has not faded away but also seems to have sealed most if not all of his Water-type move arsenal including Water Gun. Thom has to embark on an adventure to try and locate the Ninetales to reverse the curse.

Hechicera managed to survive the fight and went to hide in the wilderness to recuperate, forced to wait until after the courtship season is over. Not knowing that she landed her curse successfully or that it has expanded on Croconaw beyond her original intent, she festers on her rage and plans to wander across the outskirts of the various towns once she recuperates, in order to find the Trainer who scared off her mate and exact a more physical, bloodier revenge.

End spoilers.




A few notable techniques:

Because of her lifestyle, she skipped learning Hex, Nasty Plot and Payback when she could have, which comes to bite her in the fight against Croconaw, as well as Flame Burst. She resumes her learning after that fight and learns a number of new techniques including Safeguard.


Concept Evolution

Name Origin

The word “es:Hechicera” comes from Spanish, meaning witch which fits her species' “class”.


  • Stars of Suocé(TBA)