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Asking for Roc


While Tagg's team, including Roc and Draca are resting at a reservation park, Pokémon from the Death Desert marches arrive in preparation for an attack on the country of Emisre, and they wish to recruit Roc into the leadership of their combat wing.


After taking part in a tournament in Emisre, ca. 3734 PE to advertise PEFE, Tagg bring his team to a day off into the wilderness in one of the natural preserves in the area. Tagg is offscreen occupying himself with his own matters, and Tagg's Bulbasaur is left in charge of the team.

News has spread around and reach to interested parties however. A caravan of semi-wild Pokémon descendants from the Mount Piutá marches, comprised mostly of Dragon and Bug types, reaches to the preserve to interview with Tagg's team. Their intended purpose is join forces with the summons from the northern sovereignties joining the Dragonsong of Emisre, and after finding out Tagg's team that once dealt with Pokefutures in the past, they decide that having such representatives join their forces would be welcome for their war effort.

However Tagg's team is not content with the circumstances, as Raichu realizes these Pokémon are from the northern marches from the lands previously controlled by Pokefutures, and assumes the Pokémon went there to exact revenge on Tagg. To everyone's surprise, the herald Breloom in the caravan reveals that they are a new march, led by descendants from the Rienna Sovereignty purge and that, following those leaders, they hunted down and killed the operatives in Piutá eventually releasing the region to Pokémon control (but also becoming Vow-breakers).

The Piutá emissaries are very interested in recruiting Roc in particular, as their elders offered the Staraptor the position of top commander of the march's War Wing, the chiefest organization of their flying forces – thus placing several hundred Bug, Flying and Dragon Pokémon under Roc's direct command. The herald Breloom among the forces sings praises to Roc's battle records (which at this point also include having cleared the air joust over the Unovan Presidential Palace two years prior); Roc however, is not impressed and disregards the offering, stating that he's on vacation with family (as Shahinne is also visiting the preserve).

After a few impasses and hoping to prove goodwill, the caravan decides to leave, announcing that they will be waiting until next morning for any in the preserve, and in Tagg's team, who decides to join; the offer is specifically aimed at Roc but also at Draca, who has conflicted feelings about finally bearing proof of her draconity.


General Information


The story takes place in year 3734 PE, and thus right in the middle of the events between GenⅠ/Ⅲ and GenⅡ/Ⅳ. After clearing Hoenn one year ago, Rayquaza had gone to sleep in Isla Triángulo, but the Emisrean military under suggestion from the Pokefutures government running Emisre, attacked the island and briefly captured the Legendary.

Irate at the direct attack to his nest (and the shortness of his nap), Rayquaza issues the Dragonsong – a summons to draconic kind from the nearby Sovereignties to join him in high sky to rain destruction over his chosen enemy. This sparks a conflict between the region of Emisre and the three sovereign Pokémon lands of Isla Triángulo, Naqel (Poké!Mojave) and Omixence (Poké!Guatemala). It is in this conflict that the sovereignties are scouting for prospects to join their ranks into the final invasion, scheduled to be six weeks time from the time of this fic's events.

In other (at of this date unreleased) Suocéverse materials, continual refusal by Roc to take command of the third War Wing sparks gossip and disrespect from the Dragon types, not used to acknowledge other races' contributions. This prompts Shahinne to sign up to the march's recruit drive in place of her father, securing her place and shutting down complains by nearly gouging the eye of one of the Dragonite warriors who mocked her father. Shahinne eventually takes command of the third War Wing and joins the Battle of Mirtadenal in late 3734.

The war between Emisre and the three Sovereignties is brief, but results in enough animosity between various Pokémon and human institutions across the continent that it paves the way for Team Plasma to gain entrance to the Draconic Moors Temple, in late 3738, consolidating the events of GenⅤ (Black and White).


Asking for Roc
Asking for Roc
Reclutando a Roc
While Tagg's team, including Roc and Draca are resting at a reservation park, Pokémon from the Death Desert marches arrive in preparation for an attack on the country of Emisre, and they wish to recruit Roc into the leadership of their combat wing.
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