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 +----dataentry publication----
 +entry_hist : Misaimed for Life
 +title_hist ​  : Misaimed for Life
 +es.title ​  : Contrapuestos de por Vida
 +summary_wiki : Two criminals in confinement. After having led a small war that created havoc, after gathering people in search of ideals to remake the world, they still go at each other as part of a lifetime ritual. What led them to be this way? Someone had to have seen it coming...
 +publication_date ​ : 2012
 +en.releases_wiki ​  : [[>​332200|Entry for PokéCommunity'​s SWC, July 2014]], [[ffnet>​10604193/​1/​Misaimed-for-Life-unrevised|FF.Net]]
 +es.releases_wiki ​  : [[>​os-contrapuestos-de-por-vida_82831/​|PokéMaster / Blogocio]]
 +genres_ ​    : comedy
 +revision: 1
 +cast_wikis ​  : [[:​Aquiles]] (see [[bp>​Archie]]),​ [[:Magno]] (see [[bp>​Maxie]])
 +{{tag>​Published Story Pending_Rewrite}}