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 ===== Primary===== ===== Primary=====
 [[>​388940|PokéCommunity Forums]] Valentine'​s Day 2017. [[>​388940|PokéCommunity Forums]] Valentine'​s Day 2017.
 +Originally a one-shot, the story was extended into a multichapter in 2019.
 ===== Information===== ===== Information=====
 +//Tricks of the Love Fast// started as a one-shot entry offering for Valentine'​s 2017, focused on the species of Nidoran (OF COURSE). The initial version of the story turned out to be much longer than what was originally planned and (as is customary for my oneshots) entire sections had to be dropped. The result was the publication of //​Tricks...//​ in a oneshot format in 2017. However, work on some sections of the original story continued in 2019 allowing for a publication of a second "​chapter"​ with a third entry in the plans, turning this story into a multichapter. 
 +Here, Baluarkos is a recently evolved wild Nidorino from the [[:La Plancha Sovereignty]] and he has managed to charm [[:Inka]], the female he met in //Silly Human...//, as she was released back into the wild. The two are now a bred couple living on the fringes of the Sovereignty,​ by the eastern side and out of the reach of most of the colony. Baluarkos and Inka have to deal with a number of issues as their new litter of kittens is being taken off to the colony'​s communal grounds for instruction,​ leaving the male insecure about his role as a father compared to the much stronger and experienced Nidorina. 
 +  * [[https://​​showthread.php?​p=9572471#​post9572471|Entry 1]] (2017-02) 
 +  * Entry 2 
 +    * [[https://​​showthread.php?​p=9981227#​post9981227|Entry 2.1]] (2019-02) 
 +    * Entry 2.2 (2019-04) 
 +  * Entry 3 (2021-02?)
 =====Continuity===== =====Continuity=====
-This story functions as a sort of indirect sequel to //[[Silly Human, Romance is for Nidoran~]]//​.+This story functions as a sort of indirect sequel to //[[Silly Human, Romance is for Nidoran~]]// ​and, barring for narrative time compression,​ takes place somewhen between yr. 3731 and 3733 of the Present Era, right before the Kyogre/​Groudon incident and the attacks by the [[:Ísparus Draconic Claim]].
 **Cast**: **Cast**:
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 es.releases_wiki ​  : ​ es.releases_wiki ​  : ​
 genres_ ​    : romance genres_ ​    : romance
 +summary_wiki ​   : A small Valentine'​s treat. [[:​Baluarkos]] and [[:Inka]] are a happy Nidorino/a couple living in the fringes of a Nidoran colony. The Nidorino sees his role and capability as a father, mate and caretaker questioned from various angles - but he is confident in the tricks life has taught him. 
 revision: 1 revision: 1
 cast_wikis ​  : [[:Inka]], [[:​Baluarkos]],​ [[:​Maekrite]] cast_wikis ​  : [[:Inka]], [[:​Baluarkos]],​ [[:​Maekrite]]