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   * [[waapt>​Gattaca]] ([[bp>​Umbreon]],​ unnamed, character by WAAPT'​s ''​memyselfandi''​).   * [[waapt>​Gattaca]] ([[bp>​Umbreon]],​ unnamed, character by WAAPT'​s ''​memyselfandi''​).
 +----dataentry publication----
 +entry_hist : Unfit
 +title_hist ​  : Unfit
 +es.title ​  : No Apto
 +publication_date ​ : 2014
 +en.releases_wiki ​  : [list][*][[>​325448|PokéCommunity'​s "​Writer'​s Dex"]] [*][[ffnet>​10507099/​1/​Unfit|FF.Net]] [/list]
 +es.releases_wiki ​  : [list][*] [[ffnet>​10510865/​1/​No-Apto|FF.Net]] [/list]
 +genres_ ​    : fantasy
 +revision: 1
 +cast_wikis ​  : Mienfoo. Guest starring [[waapt>​Gattaca]].
 +summary_wiki:​ A wild [[bp>​Mienfoo]] must practice his arts every day. They give him sustenance and survival. But when reaching a stall in his training and facing new threats he is not designed to overcome, where should this Mienfoo turn his sights to?
 {{tag>​Story Published}} {{tag>​Story Published}}