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Hi everyone, I’m Venia Silente, a Pokémon fanfic author, developer and, as I like to call myself, “consulting worldbuilder”. I have been writing Pokémon fanfiction since at least 2008, periodic developments until Cuasi Legendario (2012) opened up the path for a long-term development of themes, theories, headcanons and plots that eventually coalesced into a setting of its own:

The Suocéverse

In short, “The Suocéverse” is the Pokémon ‘verse where most if not all of my stories take place.

If you are asking yourself what a ‘verse is, the best definition I can give that would be one of the combination of elements of worldbuilding that define a unique setting such that the setting can be shared across different production works - be it TV shows (think Buffyverse), movies (think the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies), and now fanfic (think-well, you’re here…). Thus this document and wiki describe a “Suocéverse”, that being the chosen name of the shared setting I've come up with.

So, what is the Suocéverse like? Well, to quote from the development primer

“A world inhabited by humans and creatures they call Pokémon; they work together for balance, glory and fun following an ancient covenant - humans provide the goals and Pokémon provide the power to realize them.”

This ‘verse is my personal interpretation of the Pokémon franchise - a blend of various Pokémon canons, albeit with some concepts and mechanics strongly adapted, incorporating material from sources such as PokéSpé, trading card games and the PMD spinoffs. It's also a reference-rich world, with various concepts from other franchises adapted for shout outs or homages.


This documentation wiki is being built from a lot of sources and it is primarily and heavily a work in progress. You might be interested in the quick&dirty brief if you want a first look at what is it about, the Worldbuilding Index index so that you can get right to the various topics and features of the setting, or the Suocéverse Primer if you want a deeper look of the setting and how it is built.

Current Events

July 2020

  • New Content - Published new story Sabres in the Sandstone (TBA) to Archive of our Own and the WAAPT Forum. Featuring Absent Coder's characters. The wiki page is updated to reflect the links. (Announcement pending)

May 2020

  • New Content - Published the archival Spanish version of Cuasi Legendario to Archive of our Own. The wiki page is updated to reflect the links. Announcement.

January 2020

  • New Content - Playfield with the 10th Anniversary Revision. The wiki page is updated to hold information on both the new version and the legacy version.
  • As of mid-January 2020, I will be making preparations to move some of the official presence and activity from Tumblr to the "" Mastodon Instance.

August 2019

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February 2019

January 2019

  • The formatting of most content at PokéCommunity has been fixed.

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If you want to collaborate, take a look at contact information on the left so that you can request access to the development documents, or send questions to any of the channels pointed out in Ask.