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Kalas is a male Fearow who works as a private detective. He is old and tends to work alone, preferring the works that have him stay around a place for a long time.

He is largely a reimagining of Copahue's character base had his life gone differently.


Kalas first shows up in A Case of Winging it , where he has been taking case after case as a small-time PD. He spends most of his time catching petty criminals.

During the course of the story an arrest of a Pignite during a crime bust by the Pokémon police leads him to question and check out the current whereabouts of his informants and associates, as he and many Pokémon have heard rumours about a big heist planned in the city. During these investigations Kalas meets with old acquaintance Morach, whose opportune intromission in an arrest suggests to Kalas he should look into the local Houndoom pack.


This section deals with events not yet published in Suocéverse canon (as of the last update of this article).


See: Kalas/Backstory for more details.

At some point in time Kalas joined the investigations in the Lansat Syrup Dealership case, where he removed his former acquaintance Morach from activity and even rescued a random street urchin, “The Spearow”, who would insist in tagging along with him and becoming his apprentice.

Eventually Kalas contributed in stopping the distribution of the adulterated syrup. His intromission in the case earned him persistent attention from the local Honchkrow mafia, and of the Pokémon police who insisted, for months, in offering him a job training new recruits.

During that time he also caught the eye of Tiana, the lead singer of the local Honchkrow flock, though they wouldn't get a chance to meet persomonally up until the events in A Case… (Director's Cut).

End spoilers.



  • A Case of Winging it:!: N/A? (MC; debut)


Character Concept

Kalas as a character concept was first designed as a potential character to co-star in a work unrelated to the Suocéverse, which at the time of writing of this article is undergoing planning.

The core concept behind Kalas is to take the idea of a “film noir” detective much in the style of Dick Tracy, except less “dick” and more thoughtful, changes themselves brought by a more longeve term as a detective, and imprint them on a bird with the appearance and stylish that Fearow has. Kalas would be something like a private detective or private investigator, spending his time in stakeouts or talking to peoplemons to gather cues and evidence about their marks' routines. Much like Dick Tracy proper, he would be followed pretty much everywhere by a Spearow street urchin or “Kid” who took a liking to him and appointed himself as Kalas's “assistant” and “partner”, impressed by his posture and personal character.

Whether, much like with Dick Tracy, there would also be a female bird to catch Kalas' eye and suffer because of his character flaws and dedication to work, is yet to be seen. As a nod to Copahue, another Fearow of the Author's, this romantic interest would likely be a Honchkrow (a fitting choice given the line's ties to mobs and mafias), and in the Director's Cut of A Case of Winging It it is suggested Tina would be this romantic interest.

Depending on the setting where he's used, Kalas has potential for interacting with a number of characters whose activities are tied to secrets, street life, lawfulness (or unlawfulness) and other such affairs, such as Tephros or Salozny.