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Kirlia (Ravir)

Kirlia (formerly Ralts) is one of Ravir Eisenhorth's Pokémon, considered the second-in-command, and is the one in charge of maintaining the order and keeping tabs of most of the team.

Ravir Eisenhorth
Ravir Eisenhorth

Battle Ability

The Ralts species in general have the capability to warp reality in very close range when their power is focused enough. Kirlia makes use of this ability in battle to dislodge forces in motion in their surroundings from the sources of power that feed them, making long range attacks aimed at them more malleable and likely to miss. Combining this with his ability to cast barriers, telekinetically move small objects in his vicinity and sense the overall direction and potency of any attack directed at him, Kirlia can effectively shield himself from most opponents while providing support for his allies in the form of techniques like Disarming Voice and Magic Room.

When fighting one-on-one, Kirlia is capable of using his empathic abilities and his barriers to bounce off and recover quickly from direct hits, allowing him to deal damage for a little longer against enemies that by his constitution his species would normally not be able to tackle. While in theory he could use his reality-warping abilities to hack and slash away at enemies or tamper with their senses in short range, this ability is not well refined and Kirlia does not have the constitution to engage in close quarters for a few seconds while retaining the ability to get away safely.

In a dire situation Kirlia will switch from a proactive to reactive battle strategy, preferring to have the opponent chase him and leave himself open. With some proper goading Kirlia can foresee the moment when the opponent will use some specific moves so that he can use special abilities like Imprison, Destruction Beam and Snatch to steal the advantage that the opponent could take.

Kirlia knows to use Light Screen to dull or deflect attacks aimed his way, but can also use it to pool and “stick” coerced energy close to him so that he can save it for later use, at the expense of his range of motion. While using this kind of strategy attacking him with Electric, Fairy or Bug type attacks without dispelling the barriers first can easily mean giving Kirlia free ammo to fire back.

Techniques Known

  • Confusion, Teleport, Heal Pulse, Calm Mind, Imprison, Psychic, Light Screen (tutored), Magic Coat (tutored), Magic Room (tutored).
  • Growl, Double Team, Frustration, Flash, Double Slap (TCG).
  • Signal Beam.
  • Snatch, Destruction Beam (TCG).
  • Others: Magical Leaf, Grass Knot, Ice Punch, Thunder Punch.
  • The Synchronize proactive Ability.
  • Moderate telekinetic ability that allows him to levitate and drag around a number of small objects.
  • Empathic tracking ability.
  • Very short-range (40-50 cm) power to trigger decohesion of elemental energy streams (such as projectile attacks) from their source.

In the history of rivalry between his Trainer and Machalí, Kirlia as the second-in-command is Makenna's designated opponent. Ravir has built strategies to have Kirlia isolate Makenna from her team and force her to spend her energy circling around and evading projectiles. Machalí in turn has built up strategies to have Makenna tamper with Kirlia's capacity to observe his allies' conditions and provide accurate support for them.