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Lega Runa Battle Tower

The Lega Runa Battle Tower is a private Battle Tower-like facility located in mid-northern Suocé, dedicated to the marketing and hosting of high-quality Pokémon-centric tournaments in a system of secure arenas. It was founded in yr. 3734 of the The Present Era by Cuasto mineral processing investor and enterpreneur Armando Pedraza.

The Battle Tower debuts in-universe in late 3734 with the “LOGO” event (Legan Opening Grand Octagonal) as well as out-of-universe in Built for Risk as part of Serebii's Interpretations contest.

The Lega Runa is nearly 700 m tall from ground level as well as 80 m deep into the ground for structural support and other logistics. Trainer-hosting facilities, including lodging and entertainment such as cinema, and Battle-hosting facilities including the three floating arenas start at the 340 m mark and reach up to the 520 m mark; the top of the tower hosts a helipad, an airdock and a generator for a three-point wind-type energy barrier system.


Armando Pedraza started the project at an undetermined time before yr. 3724 of the Present Era, and mostly by virtue of audacity and eager marketing of the project, managed to avoid influence from Pokefutures without even knowing. This allowed the project to continue the design and planning phase when the League closed temporarily in 3729, a time that Armando used to hire an important contingent of construction and engineering staff.

The faith in the constitution of the engineering and staff that Pedraza publicly placed on the Tower (as seen in Built for Risk) was well founded: when global seismic events and weather changes ravaged part of Suocé in yr. 3733 during the awakening of Kyogre and Groudon, the Tower saw only minor damage and the construction was not stopped. The Tower debuted in yr. 3734 with a special event tournament where among others the then-current Champion Machalí sol Linaros was invited, and that drew media attention due to a number of factors.

The Tower would continue to be operational in the future, with no set out-of-universe timeframe for its decommissioning.


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Each of the three main combat arenas is comprised of a ring of fortified materials, housing the spectators and engineering, surrounding an UFO-like capsule of detachable layers that comprises the arena proper. A tubular structure under the discs is in charge of dispelling kinetic energy and maintaining the disc attached to the Tower's structure, and functions as a failsafe mechanism to give a time of graceful “sliding” against the structure for evacuation, in case of catastrophic damage that would cause the discs to fall.