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Lugia, also called the Protector Lugia, is a particular specimen of the Lugia species with special powers and abilities and who takes on the role of the protector of the realm of Kanjoh and other locations nearby, worshipped alongside a similar Ho-Oh specimen as deities. Other specimens of Lugia exist, such as Pleo.

For information on the species general head to Lugia.


The early history of this Lugia specimen, or when did it come to be Chosen as the current Protector, is undetermined. It would have been heavily suspected by the people in Kanjoh that this Lugia specimen would be the son of a female Lugia who in the years around the Kalos War went to inhabit Navel Island, herself likely a direct descendant of one of the Lugia who attempted to confront Kyogre during the time of the Rain. If such is true, then this Lugia is not the descendant of the previous “Protector” who lived in Shamoutli Island.

Shortly before the unification of Kanjoh, the people of the region and others in the vicinity came to accept Lugia and Ho-Oh as the protectors of their realm: Lugia was considered the bringer of the sea waves and the times of storm, that gave the summer and winter weather their stability and allowed the natural cycle of water and weather to persist. A Shrine in Ecruteak Town was erected consisting of two perches for the two Pokémon to live in.

Eventually the day came where, during a war over tributes, Ecruteak came under attack. Lugia's perch was heavily damaged and came down. Scared that humans and Pokémon had come so close to harming them directly, Lugia decried their betrayal, renounced the position of the Protector and fled away to the West; Ho-Oh followed shortly after, flying to the East.

It is suspected that very short after, either Lugia or Ho-Oh took temporary refuge in the coasts near the Cadrícean Sovereignty, where the three Deer Pokémon rulers of the Pokémon lands sought them for counsil after what had happened. Whatever the result of the meeting was the Deer Pokémon kept secret, but it was the morning after that the bird Pokémon flew to the South to the colder lands of Caledoria, and the three Deer Pokémon also renounced the position of protectors of their lands, fading into obscurity. This same event took place with various Legendaries across the world, and soon after, the departure of the Protectors spurred many Legendaries to fade into obscurity ( “Interim(TBA) ).

Lugia remained largely in hiding for the next 400 or so years, with sparse sightings across the coast of some regions every once in a while, but he otherwise shunned contact with humans and with most Pokémon, including some Sovereignties, as well. At some point during that time he sought of a mate and they had their own chick, who called to be named Pleo.

While out in hiding, Lugia seriously considered coming back to the world once: the day when the Weather Trio were broken free of their sealing and threatened to lay waste to the world; however, at the time Lugia was still fearful of humans, after the expansion of human civilization into the Orange Islands and had lost contact with Ho-Oh.

About two years later, as the weather across the world was still reeling after the lashing out of the Weather Trio, the reservation where Pleo was hidden was threatened by a storm out of control. Lugia felt conflicted about whether to go out to look for his child or if to head over to Johto, as he was sensing the unearthing of one of his Silver Wings and the emergence of a tremendous pool of otherwordly energy in the region. Lugia approached the Whirl Islands where the Pokémon of the region designated a special team who would set out to the Orange Islands to fetch the younger bird; deciding to for once trust the Pokémon who followed him like a god, Lugia set out to the Ruins of Alph to assist Ho-Oh in fighting off Giratina and the effects of his twilight over Sinnoh ( “Suocéverse Legends(TBA) ).

The elder god fended off and the people of Johto spared the fate that befell Sinnoh during that time, Lugia and Ho-Oh were welcomed once again as Protectors of the realm, and eventually perched again on Ecruteak, taking turns on the remaining Tower.


Known Locations


Lugia is a fairly powerful Pokémon, with his heightened awareness and degree of control over the mesoscale undersea and high wind currents of some of the world's oceanic areas enhanced by the markings of his role as a Protector. While his age and battle experience is not recorded, he has lived and seen long enough to be able to perform several techniques and maintain battle against the likes of the Orange Islands's Mirage Trio, keeping the three of them at bay at once. He was also able to destroy a warship designed as a Megarig Project offshot, with an Aeroblast from a distance of at least 5 km.

During the events of G2, Lugia was able to momentarily hold his own against the elder deity Giratina and gave Ho-Oh enough time to recover; the two birds together were then able to fend the elder dragon off despite it being at least two orders of magnitude above their power bracket, a testament to a Protector's skill and power ( “Suocéverse Legends(TBA) ).

Techniques known by this specimen include:

  • Extrasensory.
  • Gust, Tailwind (post-G2), Aeroblast (potential ${LIMIT_BREAK}).
  • Weather Ball, Whirlwind, Body Slam.
  • Safeguard (or a variant thereof, the “Protect”-like version),
  • Hail.
  • Rain Dance, Whirlpool.
  • The Pressure support trait.


  • Suocéverse Legends(TBA) (debut)
kanjoh, lugia_s_mate
≥ 600 yr before G1