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Table of Suocéverse-specific moves.

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Move Battle Info Available for Description
Fluid Slicer Water Empoleon, Greninja, Seadra, Floatzel Raises a blade of pressurized water out of a body of water and sends it at the opponent. It has a degree of tracking, but needs to travel across ground.
Heat Drive Fire Rapidash, Quilava, Monferno Store fire power, then dash at the opponent leaving behind a trail of superheated air that burns opponents who try to counterattack.
Shock Pinch Electric
Ravir's Electabuzz A close combat move where the user sends a tuned pulse of electric energy right into the opponent's nervous nodes, causing them to lose muscular tone or even fall unconscious instantly.
Galean Wave Flying
Sends a wave of energy at ground level, leaving some updrift in its wake. The energy itself is disruptive and can break through some kinds of projectiles.
Blunt Steel
Causes fatigue on the opponent that blunts or dulls sharpened appendages. Lowers opponent's raised Attack and Defense.
War Spark Typeless
Reshiram, Zekrom, Zygarde Summons a War Spark, which acts as a secondary target and attacks with moves such as Thundershock and Screech.
Draconid Wrath Dragon
Drao If the target is a dragon (Dragon-type or in the Dragon egg group), has a high chance of instantly knocking them out.