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July 2020

  • New Content - Published new story Sabres in the Sandstone (TBA) to Archive of our Own and the WAAPT Forum. Featuring Absent Coder's characters. The wiki page is updated to reflect the links. (Announcement pending)

May 2020

  • New Content - Published the archival Spanish version of Cuasi Legendario to Archive of our Own. The wiki page is updated to reflect the links. Announcement.

January 2020

  • New Content - Playfield with the 10th Anniversary Revision. The wiki page is updated to hold information on both the new version and the legacy version.
  • As of mid-January 2020, I will be making preparations to move some of the official presence and activity from Tumblr to the "" Mastodon Instance.

August 2019

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February 2019

January 2019

  • The formatting of most content at PokéCommunity has been fixed.

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