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Official Channels

If you are looking for information about the Suocéverse, or for official conversations and discussions about the development, here is the listing of official channels.


These describe the various channels for information about the Suocéverse. Information posted in any of these shall be considered semicanon in the least; whereas any Suocéverse discussion published outside these channels should be considered fanon at best (until confirmed or reflected in an official channel).

Official wiki: This site ( comprises the official wiki. Cross-posted information about the Suocéverse in the WAAPT wiki can also be considered canon.

Announcements: News for recent news and Old News for archival.

New fics are announced in News and in the community they are released in, for example Serebii Forum's announcement thread.

There's the "suocéverse" tag in my Tumblr; though it has lacked some activity, some relevant information goes here as well and it is a better news channel and format than most.

As of Jan 2020, work is being done to move Suocéverse announcements and interaction from Tumblr to Mastodon. Results will be informed via News.


If you want to get in touch with me or talk some Suocéverse development, or just worldbuilding general, this section describes various communication channels.

Jabber / XMPP Accounts
  • Venia.Silente at
  • VeniaSilente at

Mastodon Accounts

Main Suocéverse chatroom is suocéverse at
  • pokémon-general and waapt-rp at
  • Pokécommunity's Discord at writers-room.
  • Worldbuilding June's Discord at the generals (subject to topical activity).
  • /vpwt/'s IRC channel.
  • veniasilente at Tumblr :!: Note: in the process of being decommissioned as a primary interaction site.

Asks: You can send me asks over Tumblr or ask about via Mastodon (mention “Suocéverse” as the subject).

E-mail contact information is only made available privately.