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December 2018

  • Due to issues in a migration procedure at PokéCommunity, all fics linked in PC might be unavailable, incomplete or corrupted until further notice.
  • Working on uploading a number of pastebins with ficlets for practice.

September 2018

  • I have officially joined Pokécommunity's moderation team for the Fanfiction & Writing section.

August 2018

  • New Content: Beyond Today .
  • Drafting an as of yet untitled story.

July 2018

  • PokéCommunity's Small Writing Contest / Get Together 2018.
  • Worldbuilding June (Tech & Magic).
  • Drafting an as of yet untitled story.
  • Playing with Veekun's database.

June 2018

  • Worldbuilding June.
  • Meta: mulling about the Gold Spaceworld Beta.


January 2018: