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Falgrergenza is a centipede-like Water/Psychic Fakémon that is the evolved form of Camagrur.

Title Tagged Mind Pokémon
Egg Groups none
Habitat water's edge
Body Type Color
Armor Brown
Height Weight
0.5 m 0.1 kg
Types Gender Ratio
psychic / water 1
Evolution Chain
Camagrur ← → none

They extend their watch over wide areas by anchoring the plaques in their backs to spots of interest, turning them into living beacons. They also share their tags with mates, strengthening their relationships.

Falgrergenza is a centipede-like Pokémon that lives in both deep and shallow waters close to vertical ridges and on atolls, all around the tropical and subtropical coasts of the world. It is rather small, less than 40 cm long, with much of that range covered by its many legs. Camagrur evolves into this Pokémon as it ages or levels up.


Much like Camagrur, Falgrergenza is shaped like a Remipede, a kind of marine centipede, and in general is coloured brown and blue. The head is covered by a thick plate not unlike that of sea scorpions. Seventeen (17) segments comprise the torso and each one hosts a pair of legs with a hairy webbing that aids in this Pokémon's mobility. Three bags of special inflatable tissue emerge from the tail, which can be filled with water and particles for various purposes.

The head plate, once wide, is now much narrower but also thicker, to better protect the head. Two mandibles on the sides capture larger particles in the water. The head plate loses the small hook on the underside that Camagrur had, but otherwise retains all other distinguishing features.

Falgrergenza's torso has 17 segments, each coloured light blue or brown-yellow in alternation, with the first segment from the neck always starting as blue. Like with Camagrur, eachh torso segment hosts a small plaque of translucent material that can be attached to objects of interests and acts as a psychic relay.

The tail appendages are somewhat reddish, largely transparent but can be filled with water or captured particles and chemicals to give them various colour shades and changing their density. They are made of a foamy substance that can be stretched or otherwise altered in shape depending on the fluid and particles Camagrur can fill them with. Experienced Falgrergenza search for rectangular pebbles to inflate their tail bags, so they can use them to rake the sandy sea floor.


Like Camagrur, Falgrergenza live in tropical and subtropical coastal waters, in particular in or near atolls. In the Suocéverse they would be found in the coasts of regions like Ásfiri, Estracura, Alola and Hoenn.

Social Behaviour

A common “courtship” signage that this species uses in the wild and discovered in recent times, is the trade and “fingerprinting” of each other's sensory bands. An individual scouting a potential mate would attempt to test their candidate's capability to both certify the identity of another mate and protect their tags and their locations. For example, an interested individual could track one of their candidate's other mates via their band and mount a mock attack, gauging their candidate's response to it.

Battle Technique

Camagrur's line would be capable of moves such as Aqua Ring, Bubble, Aqua Tail, Whirlpool, Ally Switch, Confusion, Psywave, Bestow, Double Team, Focus Energy, Tail Whip, Detect, Defend Order, Signal Beam and Iron Tail.


See Camagrur for design notes.

Naming Scheme

Falgrergenza derives from “fate”, from “convergence” (denoting their social tendency to create familly clusters) and from “proeza” (in Italian or Spanish, “feat”, also similar sounding to “feet”).