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 ===== Known Pokémon EX ===== ===== Known Pokémon EX =====
-  * The Pokémon accompanying the [[First Trainers]] ([[Third Era]]). +The first Pokémon to have ever receive Branding were the three Pokémon accompanying the [[First Trainers]] ([[Third Era]]). ​However no such records of the event exist in the Suocéverse'​s ​[[Present Era]]. It is {{<​%meta-undecided>​}} what would the earliest existing records ​of branded Pokémon be. 
-  * The [[Hierarches]] of the [[Dragonspiral Moors Sovereignty]].+ 
 +At the time of Generation Ⅴ, one known branded specimen is [[Spectrum]], a Flygon serving [[Ho-Oh]]. 
 +Other known Pokémon-EX:​
 {{topic>​Pokémon +Pokémon-EX}} {{topic>​Pokémon +Pokémon-EX}}