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The Present Era

The period of time understood as “The Present Era” in the Timeline of the Suocéverse is the one that covers the last ~3700 yr of history of the Pokémon World, up to the events in the same timeframe shown in the mainline games (GenⅠ-GenⅧ), and up to an uncertain time into the future. It is also the period of time by which modern in-universe calendars work.

It is preceded by the Previous Era and followed up by THE FUTURE!

It is unknown/undetermined what event was signaled to be the Epoch of this Era's calendar.


For convenience and easy comparison to canon elements, event dates in this era can be given in two forms:

  • the year/date in this calendar and its Epoch, abbreviated as +/- PE, for example: year 3733 PE for the events in GenⅠ/GenⅢ.
  • the year/date relative to the events of GenⅠ/GenⅢ, abbreviated as +/- ME, for example: year +3 ME for the events in GenⅡ.

For an example, the events told of the Kalos War can be referred to as having happened sometime around yr. 700 PE of the Present Era, or -3000 ME.

All content starting here is subject to modifications via canon lore or events that can be introduced in later generations. As written at the moment of the latest revision, the chronology takes into account primarily elements up to GenⅤ.

Broad strokes events of the Era:

  • About yr. 700 (-300m ME): The Kalos War.
  • About yr. 1100: Establishment of the first temporary settlements in Suocé.
  • About yr. 1400: A pandemic forces a portion of the population of Caledoria to move into the Cadrícean flatlands, becoming the precursors of the Suocéan population.
  • About yr. 2500: The current Ho-Oh and Lugia establish themselves as Protectors of Johto.
  • About yr. 2800: War of the Vale. Reshiram and Zekrom go into confinement.
  • About yr. 3300: Kanto-Johto War; Day of Departure. Ho-Oh and Lugia abandon humanity and leave to destinations unknown.
  • About yr. 3400: By this time most “public” Legendaries have disappeared from the world, including the three Deer protecting Cadrícea.
  • About yr. 3520: Forever Catch .
  • About yr. 3600: Establishment of the nation of Suocé.
  • About yr. 3660: Purge of the Rienna Valley Sovereignty.
  • About yr. 3680: First attempt at colocation of an International Space Station.
  • About yr. 3720: Eltenios and Caolené are brought to serve under the Cadrícean Widefields Deer trio.
  • About yr. 3720: The nation of Emisre raises the first literally floating population center above Mirtadenal.
  • About yr. 3726: Pokefutures first falls into the public radar when their facilities are attacked by an industrial terrorist.
  • Year 3728: Fall of Pokefutures and the Angela region; foundation of PEFE.
  • Year 3728: Cadrícean Widefields Sovereignty military draft under orders of Virizion.
  • Year 3728: Interim .
  • Year 3728: Great Acrasia-Caledoria Earthquake.
  • About yr. 3730: Overlord .
  • About yr. 3730: Playfield .
  • Year 3731: Events of the siege of Désona City.
  • Year 3732~3734: La Plancha-Ísparus war.
  • Year 3733: Events of GenⅠ / GenⅢ, and the Near-Apocalypse of Hoenn.
  • Year 3734: Asking for Roc .
  • Year 3734: Gelid Remainder .
  • Year 3734: Built for Risk .
  • Year 3734: Summer war of Isla Triángulo; Rayquaza and forces from three Sovereignties raid and devastate Mirtadenal.
  • Year 3736: Events of GenⅡ / GenⅣ.
  • Year 3738: Events of GenⅤ.
  • Year 3738: The existence of Pokefutures assets under control of PEFE is revealed to the public.
  • About yr. 3740: Events of GenⅥ.
  • About yr. 3740: Simpler than Magic .
  • About yr. 3740: Sabres in the Sandstone .
  • After yr. 3740: Events of GenⅦ and later games.

1st Millennium

(0-999 PE)


  • Kalos War: a great war breaks out between Kalos and another (currently unnamed) region. The war soon spread to encompass other regions, in particular after WMDs were put into action.
    • At the peak of the war the regent of Kalos unleashes a WEPON using magitek from the Rain era that feeds off from the mass-suiciding of Pokémon to unleash a powerful beam of light for him to judge his enemies and punish them with oblivion. Kinda like Kefka, in probably more ways than one.
    • At some point shortly after the war, the Pokémon Xerneas and Yveltal move from the northern region where they were worshipped into the remains of Kalos, their presence requested by a currently undetermined entity.

2nd Millennium

(1000-1999 PE)

3rd Millennium

(2000-2999 PE)


  • At an undetermined time before ~2700, the current incarnations of Ho-Oh and Lugia arrive to the continent where Johto lies, to replace the former Protectors.


  • War of Rota. The Tree of Beginning apparently comes into attack, forcing most of the local population to evacuate and migrate to the southwest into what would later become Johto.


  • War of the Vale, where the dragons Reshiram and Zekrom are fooled into fighting each other.
    • As punishment for their actions, Reshiram and Zekrom request to be returned to their Morph Balls to their hideout in the northern lands of Unova, explosively increasing the population of the Dragonspiral Moors Sovereignty.


4th Millennium / Recent History

(3000-3699 PE)


  • Various small realms join and form the regions of Kanto and Johto.


  • Kanto-Johto War: the feudal-esque city states in the Kanto and Johto areas wage war against each other over tributes and travel regimes, a conflict that lasts nearly a decade.
    • Day of Departure - the Twin Towers come under attack, ending with the ravaging of the shrines to the Protectors Ho-Oh and Lugia. The towers left defenseless, one of them burns after it's hit by lightning during a rainstorm. The Protectors abandon human civilization to their luck and flee to destinations unknown. ( Suocéverse Legends )
    • On its way out, Ho-Oh reportedly revived three undetermined Pokémon, promoting them to the role of Gerbils.
    • One of the two birds is reported to have flown into the coast of Suocé and Caledoria, denouncing pillage and betrayal by humans. After meeting with the Cadrícea Muskedeer Trio the bird departs to the south, and the three Legendaries renounce their position as leaders of Cadrícea and disappear into the fogs of time.


  • With the foundation of the city of Salípolis, the Region of Suocé is born, and the city designated its capital.


  • Rayquaza leaves its nesting pyramid in a non-canon region and travels to the North Pole, where it intercepts and destroys a meteorite carrying the creature Deoxys; Rayquaza destroys the space virus and later disappears into the atmosphere. Reports eventually lead to believe he has settled down in the innards of Isla Triángulo, Emisre.


  • Kanto and Johto switch from their imperial government and become Republics.





  • Taverna the Bagon is born near the edges of the Rienna Valley Sovereignty; he would later unknowingly become the only specimen of his species surviving the massacre of the Sovereinty under Emisrean rule.


  • The first artificial satellites (of this era) for TV and internet broadcasting are placed in safe orbit, after ten years of failed attempts due to the intervention of Rayquaza among others.


  • A corrupt big-pharma and medical general conglomerate takes over the government of Emisre and, in the upcoming years, proceed to military action to seize control of the forest lands of Rienna and wipe out the extant Sovereignty there, in order to gain control of the rich minerals and cave systems underneath. Several parties, humans and Pokémon, affiliated with the care of the Sovereignty are captured and executed to prevent any reclaim to the lands.
    • As part of the wipeout, the staff and archives of the Emisre National History Museum are eradicated.
    • Unknown to the political forces in Emisre, one heir to the Madis bloodline associated with the Treasure Workers Guild of Rienna, survives the purge and escapes into Isla Triángulo.
    • The conglomerate would eventually solidify and take the form of international corporation Pokefutures.


  • Dalacia manages to place its first temporary Space Station on Pokéarth orbit. Operations last until 3676 PE when the station has to be taken out due to an experiment causing severe radiation damage.



  • Rayquaza leaves Isla Triángulo and migrates to his resting ground in Sky Pillar, Hoenn, where he would sleep undisturbed until the Near Apocalypse of 3733.


  • Taking advantage of Rayquaza clearing the skies, construction begins on the Moon of a new civil base intended to become a permanent settlement.


  • The first International Space Station is placed into orbit.


  • Due to various expansion and maintenance requirements, the international moon base project is halted and resources rerouted to the International Space Station.



4th Millennium / Contemporary History

(3700-3738 PE)




  • Ghetsis initiates “Project N”, raising a child as a sort of messianic figure with a planned discourse to abolish the tradition of Pokémon training and attain control of the local deities Reshiram and Zekrom.


  • After a fallout with Agatha, with whom he presumably had a child, Samuel Oak retires from the position of Champion of Kanjoh and of training in general, deciding to dedicate his full time to his Pokédex research. The position is taken by an undetermined Trainer and after that by Lance.


  • Silph industries, in an attempt to outcompete Pokefutures in Kanjoh, funds a project to create the first completely artificial Pokémon without a natural body, a creature that would live directly within the network infrastructure. The project would be codenamed “Digimon”.


  • Thanks to coordinated efforts from the space agencies of Hoenn, Unova and Dalacia, a permanent civil base is finally set on the Moon, codenamed ALUCE.


  • Project Digimon is scraped due to lack of interest, but most of the research data is preserved by Silph and would later be raised in the formation of a new project to assist Hoenn’s Space Program, that would end up becoming Porygon.




  • In Unova, a young boy from nowhere, later codenamed “N”, starts gathering followers across the region and its neighbors as he spreads a campaign to abolish the tradition of Pokémon training.


  • A new unknown actor appears in Emisre, an industrual sabotage specialist targetting several persons of interest and investments of the pre-Pokefutures big pharma. Intelligence dubs this actor “S” to contrast her violent proceedings with those of otherwise peaceful and transparent approaches by revolutionary leader “N” in Unova.


  • The Pokefutures reveal: extreme ethical mistreatments committed by Pokefutures are revealed to the world at large by a group of trainers dubbed by the intelligence community as “the Three T’s”. As a result of this Pokefutures is disbanded, leaving the entire economy and social security of the region of Angela in disarray (referred to in Interim ).
    • Domino effect due to Pokefutures' international reach sparks a worldwide hunt of the corporation's assets and agents, leading to the auditing or cancellation of several important projects, as well as eg.: university research grants.
    • In Suocé, the Cadrícean Sovereign Virizion enacts a military draft in the realm, in an attempt to lead a fulminant strike to the nearest Pokefutures stronghold in Vys Ocassum. ( Interim )
    • In Unova, the Dragonspiral Sovereignty attempts to launch a military campaign to cross the Unovan borders and raid the country of Angela, but they are halted after parlay with Alder, who with this event gains much cred among the wild population, and eventually the vote of the Sovereignty that brands him the Champion of Unova. (Referred to in Interim)


  • Great Earthquake of the Acrasia-Caledoria Falls affects Caledoria and Suocé. The severe damage to the arm of land connecting the two regions plus the effects of last years' revelation, spurs the Guardian Forces Legendary Trio of the later region to show up and re-assume reign over the Cadrícean Widefields Sovereignty.
  • Incumbent Champion of the region of Suocé Nadia Shepard and her entire team, are reported dead in undisclosed circumstances. Examination of potential candidates to assume her position begins under charge of then E4 Yarade LeBlanc. ( Interim )
  • As a result of heavy accounting and prosecution within the competitive training circles, Suocé cancels its Conference Championship. In the order of 1200 Trainers are left adrift across the region.



  • Industrial saboteour and presumed assassin “S” is reported MIA after a confrontation with a warring Articuno in Sinnoh. ()


  • The Black Thumb Gang resurfaces in Suocé and allies with the Determinants of Baronesia in an attempt to develop and sell to the world a new kind of urban warfare technology. ( Stars of Suocé )
    • The city of Désona is as a whole taken hostage by the Determinants, in a showcase of their new technology for auction. The siege is broken by newly appointed Champion Ravir Eisenhorth.
    • In the subsequent pursuit of the Determinants to their auction, Team Magma and Project Cipher agents manage to abscond with new technology serving their interests.

~3733 PE

  • Events of “Generation Ⅰ” / “Generation Ⅲ”.
  • Confrontation between the terrorist groups Team Aqua and Team Magma ends up with raids to a number of historical sites including the Marine Museum in Slateport.
  • Near Apocalypse of 3733: TA and TM awaken the dormant Warring Triad members Kyogre and Groudon, who waste no time in launching an offensive against each other across Hoenn, using their capabilities to alter the weather and geology and proceeding to lay waste to the region for four days.
  • Wally awakens Rayquaza.
  • Kyogre and Groudon head over to Sootopolis for a final confrontation, with Rayquaza hunting them down. The devastating battle between the former two triggers region-wide disasters and eventually a long chain of hemisphere-wide aftershocks lasting at least a whole year.
  • The government cabinet of Hoenn authorizes Kalosian paramilitary personnel in the area to launch an Infinite Energy nuke at the three warring Pokémon. Rayquaza absorbs nearly the entire energy of the blast, gathering enough energy to achieve Mega Evolution. Rayquaza proceeds to curbstomp the other two Legendaries in under 15 minutes.


  • Due to stress after the ME event, Steven Stone leaves the position of Hoenn Champion, designating Wallace in his place.
  • Due to stress after the ME event, Ravir Eisenhorth retires from his position as Suocé Champion, designating Machalí sol Linaros in his place.



  • With push from various international Battle Frontier stockholders, world militaries start developing war machines to subdue or kill the Weather Trio as well as some of the most recognized Dragon Legendaries. Of those, only one project manages to reach the construction phase, with the rising of the “Megarig Project” and its three production models in Emisre ( Project CARDINAL ).
    • Eventually and given the fall of Emisre, none of the three ships manage to reach completion; however, one of the designs (“Megarig-2”) is bought off and retrofitted by billionaire and collector grandiose Lawrence the Third.
  • The Emisrean government uses one of the “Megarig” projects to attack Isla Triángulo and capture Rayquaza. The wyrmking breaks free and issues a Dragonsong, calling the nearby dragon-governed Sovereignties of Berk, Dragonspiral Moors and Attara to attack the capital city of Mirtadenal. ( Guild of Rienna )
  • Saboteour and assassin “S” reappears in Emisre and takes advantage of the invasion to target and assassinate four of the six members of Pokefutures' Executive Committee. Three of those four members were high-ranking government members.
  • As a result of the attack on Mirtadenal, the Emisre government is dissolved by force. The various Sovereignties invading agree to allow the human allies in Attara to take over control of the region to cleanse it from whatever Pokefutures influence remains.


  • Events of “Generation Ⅱ” / “Generation Ⅳ”.
  • The three Sinn lakes where the Lake Trio is said to reside all suffer terrorist attacks with heavy casualties. Agents of Team Galactic move in and manage to capture the recently awakened members of the Lake Trio.
  • Using technology provided by the Battle Frontiers, Cyrus forces the Lake Trio to summon and capture the Pokémon Dialga and Palkia. Rather than delivering to their end of the deal, Team Galactic betrays their Battle Frontier stockholders and they shield Cyrus in his attempt to open a gate to the Museum Dimension.
  • Cyrus' attempt on the Creation Trio fails. Giratina breaks free from his prison, maddened due to the influence of the tortured Lake Trio. Giratina strikes against Team Galactic and suffer heavy losses including the loss of most of their leadership. Now freed, Giratina uses the imbalance of power to extend a reality-consuming mantle all over Sinnoh, turning all Pokémon under its shade into Soul Flames.
  • The Platinum Heroine of G4, with assistance from Rigel Kalhaid and Cynthia, enters the Distortion World in an attempt to lure Giratina back into the normal world and convince the Lake Trio to neutralize him.
  • Giratina uses its connection to the Sinjoh Runs to cross over to Johto to try and force a gate to the Museum Dimension to open by “deactivating” a large number of Pokémon souls across both regions. Silver and the hero of HG/SS assist the evacuation of Goldenrod City.
  • Day of Reckoning. Ho-Oh and Lugia return to Johto to face Giratina and stop the maddened deity. Despite being many tiers below in power, their teamwork manages to buy the Platinum Heroine to close the connection to the Sinjoh Ruins, breaking the Lake Trio's influence over Giratina and allowing the dragon to retreat his attack. ( Suocéverse Legends ).
  • Galactic Tech Systems, Team Galactic's technological frontend, suffers heavy losses and is intervened by the Sinnoh state and the PIP Police.
  • Ho-Oh and Lugia return to their place as Protectors of the grand regions in the Kanto-Johto landmass, and trade turns perching on Bell Tower.


  • Zygarde leaks to Team Flare the location of the Kalos King's Flower WEPON, as part of a plan to trick the Battle Frontiers, and humans in general, into destroying their own world-wide warring technology. As a bonus on his end of the trade he gains possession of a neutralized Mewtwo, which he hides in the Kalos Pokémon village.
  • Fearful that the global transportation systems and other world-wide important technologies had been backdoored by Team Galactic or similar organizations, some regions and Sovereignties push for the development of a separate, open new infrastructure.
    • Eventually lease of the development of the new transportation infrastructure is given to the newly created Wonder Trade Conglomerate.


  • Events of “Generation Ⅴ”.
  • N is called to speak before the United Nations. ( Project CARDINAL )

4th Millennium / Upcoming History

(Reserved for events designated to happen after the G6 / G7 games or into the “near future”)

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