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Development of a Pokémon Fanon

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Proofreading Notes

As with any writer worth their salt I can't do all the work alone. My thanks go to those who have volunteered to proofreading my works.

General notes for proofreaders, betas and editors:


Working documents with the capability to edit (inplace edit, not necessarily versioned) or comment (side comments, annotations or chat) will be hosted on these platforms in decreasing order of preference and depending on feasibility for the proofreaders: Cryptpad, Google Docs, Zoho Docs. Cryptpad and Google Docs do not require an account for adding comments, so care must be taken to not share the links indiscriminately to avoid spam or vandalism.

View-only links can also be shared via pastebin services (such as or similar), and docfiles (*.odt or *.rtf) can also be shared offline via email and similar means, if that method is desired over live editing or for very late stage proofreading where the cost of reuploading for changes is not worth it.

Unless otherwise stated, all working pads are licensed as CC 4.0 BY-ND-NC where it pertains to my own content (that is, not canonical source material).

Notes for Guest Starring Proofreaders: Starting May 2020 in order to be linked to in your credits as a guest starring writer on a given platform you need to have any of the following:

  • An Archive of our Own user handle.
  • A Mastodon user handle (any instance).
  • A user handle in the same platform.

This is mostly to avoid bumping against anti-spam and anti-advertising rules in the widest array of platforms possible.


  1. The link you are given might inherit edit access that depending on the platform may be irrevocable; please do not share it indiscriminately.
  2. If you are going to provide inplace edits, please mark your edits with strikethrough (eg.: “old text new text”) or with a colour of your choosing (I'm told green is a cool colour) to make them easily findable.
  3. I might need to delete comments as I do pass-overs or reuploads of the content with fixes. Please do not take this as a sign that I did not care about the comment.
  4. If you previously edited as anonymous but now have an account and/or screen name, let me know so I can credit you accordingly.
  5. By default I try to credit all my contributors. If you for some reason do not want to be credited, lemme know via private messaging so I can take care of it.