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Suocé is one of the various regions of the Pokémon World, located in the southern hemisphere. It is comprised of a landmass stretched from north to south. It connects to the region of Caledoria to the southwest, and across the ocean ot the region of Estravia and the Orange Islands to the northeast.

Suocé is the region where Stars of Suocé (TBA) , Interim (TBA) , Playfield and other stories take place.


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General map of Suocé (2016 revision, currently incomplete)

Suocé consists of a continental landmass about 450 km N-to-S and 200 km E-to-W, crossed from East to West by a cordillera near its midsection. Lands south of the cordillera are flatter and more regular than lands to the north, which are coursed with various geological features such as ravines and deserts.

The actual landmass is the result of clashing of two tectonic plates that make contact a few kilometers south of the main cordillera; the lands to the north were before an independent island part of which sunk under the sea some time before the Fifth Era.


Political Organization


Conference League

The Pokémon League runs the regional conference called the Suocéan League, comprising 13 Gyms and a number of official non-Gym installations. Gyms are spread all around the region except for the territories of the La Plancha and Cadrícea Sovereignties. The regional conference tournament associated to the league is called the Asapean Conference Tournament after the name of one of the arms of land to the south, and it takes place once a year during the month of October except when it clashes with the municipal and governoral election processes, in which case it is moved off to November.

  • The Grass type Gym is located in Lebe City.
  • The Fire type Gym is located in ????.
  • The Water type Gym is located in Estracura.
  • The Ground type Gym is located in Imalie Town near the Crimsonsands.
  • The Psychic type Gym is located in Río Qinto.
  • The Steel type Gym is located in Vys Ocassum.
  • The Fairy type Gym is located in Nates.

There is also an unofficial Fighting type Gym-like facility in Old Rasil, New Rasil and an unofficial Poison type Gym-like facility in Javise.