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Ravir Eisenhorth

Ravir Eisenhorth is a pivotal character in the recent history of the region of Suocé, being also one of the MCs of Interim. Ravir is a male of about 21 yr of age ( Interim (TBA) ; ~24 yr by Stars of Suocé (TBA) ) hailing from western Suocé, he is one of the most competent Trainers in the region, sporting the coveted (and considered dangerous) Elite Rank. By the time of ME-2, he is one of the candidates to become the next Champion of the Region, the other being his acquaintance and former colleague Machalí sol Linaros.

Ravir Eisenhorth
Nov 17
Elite, Champion

During his years as a Trainer, Ravir has built up a reputation as a strong Trainer, joined by a team of Pokémon with surprising strength and fulminant technique. The preparation of his team has allowed him to involve himself in events that are at the level of police forces to handle, and even come out on top of threats such as the emergence of the Black Thumb Gang and the Cadrícean Draft, which have earned him a given amount of respect from the populace and of Trainers in the ranks of Ace and above; to the point that, after the events of Interim, he is considered by law enforcement a too dangerous and public figure to try and combat, let alone apprehend, on their own.

By the time of Stars of Suocé, Ravir has become the Champion of the Region, and while a novice at the task and not having the trust of the Suocé League high-rankers, enjoys the vote of confidence of the Cadrícean Sovereign and the support of many allies across the country, including his former colleague (and second choice for Champion) Machalí sol Linaros.

Ravir has two younger brothers: Merez and Thom.


This section deals with events not yet published in Suocéverse canon (as of the last update of this article).



During the days of his second Trainer's Journey, Ravir's participation was paramount in the disbandment of the local underground team known as Black Thumb Gang. Drifblim witnessed the kidnapping of a Pokémon and managed to report back to Ravir, who led a group of Trainers into an investigation of the matters in eastern Suocé. Ravir and his team personally confronted the lead operatives of the Gang and came out on top, only requiring assistance in the very end which came by the intervention of Elite Four Domingo Reubens.

For their participation in the events, Domingo, Ravir and two other Trainers were given the Keys to the City of Marisávide, where Black Thumb Gang was headquartered. The events surrounding the takedown of Black Thumb and Ravir's later performance in the National Tournament also gained Ravir the attention of then Champion Nadia Shepard, who (under guidance of a seer in her team) eyed him as one of the top threats to the region.

Interim -- Stars of Suocé

By the time of Interim, however, and after the aftershock of the worldwide threat of Pokefutures, Nadia decides to test various Trainers as potential replacements of her role; of those Trainers, only Ravir and Machalí passed the various tests, and came to confront both Nadia and the “threat to the Region” that she had detected during the course of the story. After the events, Ravir is apprehended by the Suocéan Navy headed by Yarade LeBlanc, but he is let go when Cobalion demands he is surrendered to be inspected as a threat to the Sovereignty.

By ME-1, Ravir has been designated Champion of the Suocé Region, replacing Nadia Shepard in the role, however, many high-ranking Traienrs including the members of the E4 see this nomination as a publicity stunt, as they deem Ravir's competence not at the level of Nadia's. Despite this, Ravir takes agency and intervenes in various matters including the resurgence of Black Thumb Gang. When Black Thumb and another organization hold the city of Désona ransom, Ravir manages to liberate the city almost by himself, finally earning him the respect of the League.

Near Apocalypse of Hoenn onwards

By ME+1, Ravir temporarily steps down from his position, due to nascent PTSD following the intervention of his caravan in the worldwide Hoenn Rescue mission, where Ravir teamed up with Steven Stone to try and fend off Kyogre's siege of Slateport. Ravir leaves the position to Machalí, who holds it until the return of Ho-Oh almost two years later.

End spoilers.



Ravir began his Journey long ago in the coastal town own Artilea, with an Elekid by his side. The first Pokémon he caught was a Poochyena, who was released years later, her position taken over by the Aron that would eventually become Aggron. Kirlia was caught early during Ravir's Second Journey and serves as the second-in-command, and is in charge of rotating the team.

Team: Ravir Eisenhorth
On Hand Electabuzz Gyarados Kirlia Aggron Camerupt Drifblim
As seen last in: Interim


Electabuzz (formerly Elekid) is Ravir's starter and most powerful Pokémon. This specimen is trained for urban combat in closed quarters, having previously held the task of protecting Ravir and the rest of the team within the facilities of the Fossil Revivification Laboratory.

Because he has lived long in a context of human devices and tools, many of which use electricity, Electabuzz has grown resourceful in his management of combat and usage of tools, being able to handle certain opponents without Ravir's assistance. Electabuzz has even attained enough control over his omnisac's Electric energy delivery that he has developed a special technique, a variant on the concept of the Vulcan nerve pinch that allows him to disorient a Pokémon or in some cases render them unconscious, provided he can maintain stable touch on his victim for a short period of time.

Electabuzz's skillset includes:

  • Thunder Punch, Thunder Spear (link), Thunder “nerve pinch”.
  • Dynamic Punch
  • Iron Tail