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Rayquaza is the given name of a species of draconic Pokémon hailing from the Early Eras, of which only one known specimen remains. The rest of the article will pertain to the Rayquaza Specimen. Information on the species to be found on Rayquaza (species).

This article deals with Suocéverse Lore and other background elements.
It should be considered semicanon, subject to change as the Pokémon franchise delivers more content.
(Check the for other such material)

Specimen Background

The” Rayquaza (from now on, just Rayquaza) is a tremendously powerful Pokémon of age ranging in the 4~7Mi years, a male specimen of its species, who lives in high atmosphere and comes down to the Pokémon World to take long naps at select few places for 20-40 years at a time. Rayquaza is a very powerful and destructive Pokémon, among the strongest “earthly” specimen of Pokémon still around. By himself, Rayquaza is able to overpower Kyogre and Groudon in their powersaving formes, and is still able to fight each one-on-one and hold them back with a certain degree of comfort if they recover their Primal formes. Still, he is not capable of fighting *both* of the Primal formes without some sort of assistance.


This section deals with events not yet published in Suocéverse canon (as of the last update of this article).


Pre Rain from the Heavens

In the time before humans, Rayquaza and his mate were the last surviving mating pair of their species during the onset of the Third Era, after a drastic purge by the hand of the Lake Trio that dwindled even the super-Pokémon of that time to single-digits. Rayquaza and his mate hid their clutch of eggs and set out to attempt an all-out attack on the Lake Trio; unfortunately, their nest was discovered before they could prepare adequately. The envoy of the Lake Trio, empowered by the EX-blessing of the deities, faced the Rayquaza couple in combat that shook the earth and the skies, and mercilessly shot them both out of the sky. When Rayquaza woke up, it was only to find his mate dead, his eggs burnt and destroyed, and his homeland ravaged. With little life force that remained, the last surviving member of the species swore vengeance against the Lake Trio and crawled into the caves of the earth, hiding for a long time. (Suocéverse Legends)

After the purges were over and humans were brought to the world, Rayquaza arose and sought over dominion of the world. Together with the last surviving Kyogre and Groudon, they became known as the Warring Triad (today known as the Weather Trio), who destroyed many human and Pokémon settlements across the world for at least four hundred years. Eventually they were sealed by the First Trainers near present-time Lilycove during the Third/Fourth eras; Rayquaza was ambushed and became the first one of the three to be sealed. Rayquaza remained thus for millions of years afterwards.

A couple Eras later, the solar system came under heavy meteor fire that lasted for hundreds of years and wiped entire civilizations, a time period known as the Destruction Rain from the Heavens. In a desperate bid, the Warring Triad were unsealed. While Kyogre and Groudon revolted and managed to escape, Rayquaza's reaction was far more subdued: realizing he was now trapped in a soon to be barren and desolate world, to live as the last remnants of their species until the world died by cosmic fire, and locked out of vengeance against the Lake Trio, Rayquaza flew to the last few rainforests and hid there, falling into a deep depression.

This lasted until one of the Legendaries of that time period, fellow Wyrm Zygarde, approached the serpent of antiquity with a deal offering: knowledge of how to track the meteoroids coming to Earth so that Rayquaza could intercept them before they caused further harm to the world, by means of blowing them up and consuming their constituent minerals. Zygarde assured Rayquaza that over time this process would allow him to eventually build up enough cosmic power to even challenge the Lake Trio. The terms Zygarde requested from Rayquaza are not known. Rayquaza accepted the deal and flew to high atmosphere to live there, periodically intercepting the meteorites and ingesting the remains. As a bonus to their deal, Rayquaza blocking the meteor rain had the effect of allowing the forests, the world and the civilizations in it much needed time and stability to recover.

Pre Near-Apocalypse of Hoenn

After the Rain was over, Rayquaza remained in high atmosphere consuming cosmic energy, periodically landing on a few select places on Earth to take dragon naps of tens or hundreds of years at a time. As Rayquaza flew all over the world, watching it regrow, he become a sort of constant to the maturing world, and grew to become revered as a powerful figure by several civilizations, earning various names. One civilization, aware of how Rayquaza flew all around the world extending his influence, called Rayquaza 'Miðgarðsormr'; another civilization that witnessed their transformation and compared it to the beauty of birds named him 'Quetzacoátl'.

Eventually the dragon settled in the rainforests populated by a civilization with a strong appreciation for the stars and celestial bodies, and they revered Rayquaza as a king of the sky, building a pyramid with an open view to the sky for the Wyrm to inhabit. Seeing it being able to “blast the stars out of the sky” they revered the dragon as a king under the name 'Rey Quásar', a name that the dragon liked and took for himself under the slightly corrupted form of “Rayquaza”. However, after a long nap Rayquaza saw that this civilization had fallen into decadence, even sacrificing children and warriors in his name and cutting down the forest to build temples. Rayquaza blasted the pyramid and once again left to the skies, vowing to never care again for the landbound creatures more than as worker ants who would make the forests grow green.

Over the centuries, Rayquaza migrated from one select place of rest to the next, until he met once again with Kyogre and Groudon who were clashing over a tremendous pool of energy near Hoenn. Rayquaza beat down the two super-Pokémon and retreated to the skies. In reverence, the ancient people of Hoenn built the Sky Pillar.

At some point early in the The Present Era, Rayquaza finally built up enough power to achieve a higher form of evolution by himself. With anger unleashed by the new form's raw power, he tested his prowess by flying to the edge of space and firing a charged Solar Beam at a mostly unoccupied forest area. The resulting impact was recorded in history as the “Tungiska incident”, after the region the forest was located in.

Shortly before the extermination of the Rienna Sovereignity ca. ME-80, Rayquaza moved to the nearby location of Isla Triángulo as their new nest. Rayquaza appointed a Pokémon as the guardian of the next, a role that was passed down from one Pokémon to the next over the following years, and later migrated to Sky Pillar, Hoenn.

Near-Apocalypse of Hoenn of yr. 3733

Rayquaza napped undisturbed until at yr ME (ME+0), terrorist cults Team Aqua and Team Magma managed to reawaken the super-Pokémon Kyogre and Groudon, who achieved their original bodies and proceeded to lay waste to Hoenn first, and then the rest of the hemisphere. A trainer from Verdanturf, Wally, managed to climb to the summit of Sky Pillar thanks to a breathing apparatus, and woke up the slumbering dragon. While initially dismissive to Wally's pleas, Rayquaza ended up seeing that the confrontation between the Primals would destroy all rainforest in the world, starting with nearby Fortree; Rayquaza decided to rise and fly over to the Sootopolis Crater, the meeting point where Primal Kyogre and Primal Groudon set up to clash.

Rayquaza used his natural ability to delay and cancel the powerful weather modification the Primals were capable of. Then the dragon fought the two super-Pokémon, managing to keep them at bay for several hours despite having come unprepared. Still, after nearly a whole day of fighting neither Pokémon was able to gain a definitive upper hand. Eventually Rayquaza took advantage of humans firing WMDs at the Weather Trio and absorbed the released power, using it to hasten the trigger of their own Mega Evolution to gain the upper hand. With the newly-gained power the Wyrm was able to curb-stomp both Primals, plus the human armies that dared to show any further resistance to his presence, in about fifteen minutes.

Rayquaza grew mad with the power of Mega Evolution, trying to track the life force of the Lake Trio or their envoy down. In tremendous pain and anger after the evolution, and not able to find the pixie deities, Rayquaza managed to calm down enough to fly past upper atmosphere and into outer space, where “something” happened that allowed him to release his full power and come back to Pokéarth, back in his normal morph. From there, Rayquaza migrated to the innards of Isla Triángulo, which had become vacated after the extermination of the Rienna Sovereignty several years prior. With the place abandoned by all but the current guardian, a Leafeon called Ichtacya and her Trainer, Rayquaza expected to sleep for the next several years.

Post G1/G3

Rayquaza's dragon nap was unusually short-lived. One year and a half after the events in G3, the Emisrean government, influenced by its Pokefutures heritage to believe the capture and eradication of the wyrm would benefit the world and place the region up in the position of a political superpower, led an assault to Isla Triángulo not much unlike the assault that genocided the Rienna Sovereignty years prior. The assault was spearheaded by the airborne city Vía Paraíso, secretly modified into a military aircraft, and resulted in the successful capture of the wyrm; however, before much of anything else could be done, an infiltration by the Emisre E4 and the remaining guards of Isla Triángulo allowed Rayquaza to free themself and flee back to Isla Triángulo, whereas the damaged airship had to head to the capital city of Mirtadenal for repairs.

Enraged by the attempts of humans against him and informed by the Draconic Clans hosting the Rienna survivors that humans under the tutelage of the Lake Trio were at fault, Rayquaza arose and issued a Dragonsong - a call to arms to all the dragon sovereignties in the area, to join in an assault against the country of Emisre. Several Sovereignties, such as Unova's Dragonspiral Tower, lend their forces for the invasion and attack of the capital where the military airship was stationed. Rayquaza issued a demand to the humans that the military base be destroyed and the government of the country be surrendered to the authorities of the other Sovereignties, or the wyrm would take the ship down by himself right where it stood - right above a fully populated city. A heated battle broke through and, despite efforts by several parties, it was not possible to move or bring down the air fortress nor to convince Rayquaza to back down from his threat - the wyrm flew to high atmosphere, out of reach of most Trainers and weapons, and fired a Solarbeam that, despite being weaker than his Tungiska firing, crushed the air fortress and flattened the city below it, killing hundreds, among others a portion of the Emisrean Cabinet that had taken shelter below the city.

As the other Sovereignties moved in to take over and clear Emisre of any remaining dangerous influence, Rayquaza considered the threat of Emisre and Pokefutures terminated. Rayquaza flew to high atmosphere, has remained in the edge of space ever since, not bothering to participate in later events, and as far as his followers and guardians are informed, has not picked up any of the available dens as their new resting point. Even after the release of the Lake Trio shortly after, Rayquaza chose to ignore the events and forgo the opening to attack the Trio, for reasons the wyrm keeps to himself.

Vital Statistics

This particular specimen is capable of achieving a Mega Evolution, which increases its powers to a scale not seen in any other non-godly creature, and can do it for the most part without any sort of external assistance such as the stones and mind regulation link Pokémon trained by humans needs to use in order to not become Shadow Pokémon. Under the Mega Evolution morph, Rayquaza's body becomes much more powerful and durable. The dragon is now capable of even comfortably surviving in outer space, and can easily and trivially overpower human militaries as well as both Primal Kyogre and Primal Groudon at the same time and with little effort.

Rayquaza is within the single-digit bracket of the strongest “mortal” Pokémon in the Suocéverse; in its mega morph he should be able to go one on one against the merged form of the Tao Duo.

This specimen of Rayquaza knows, among others, at least the following techniques:

It is unknown (undecided in meta) if this specimen has learnt or will learn Dragon Ascent.

This specimen's power throughput has been observed or measured at specific points in history to be capable of shooting a destructive beam from high atmosphere, with only minimal dispersion, with an accuracy in the hundreds of meters, and with enough power to knock out both a military megaship equipped with deflective shields and the city it was stationed over. While no records remain of it, this specimen was also capable of going, two-on-one alongside another Rayquaza against an unidentified Pokémon of near-divine power, itself empowered by the abilities of the Lake Trio.