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Rhanzikik is an elder male Haxorus in Suocéverse lore who leads the efforts of the Ísparus Draconic Claim to create a Sovereignty-like territory for migrating dragons in the region of Suocé.

This section deals with events not yet published in Suocéverse canon (as of the last update of this article).



Rhanzikik is one of the Seven “Dracona Elders” of the The Present Era, the group of seven dragons who more or less serve as a guiding moral and pseudomilitary force for the dragon peoples of the Suocéverse, though he acquired that role late in his life after leading a local Sovereignty.

Well over four hundred years old, he used to be one of the rulers of the Dragon Holy Land in Johto by the time of the Day of Departure; then he retired due to declining health to an undetermined region (likely Omixence), where he spend about 20 years recovering and acquiring knowledge about the various dragon clans in the world. Due to his insight and experience, he was welcome into the circle of the Seven Dracona Elders, to guide dragonkind.

Rhanzikik's term as an Elder was short lived. He trained his eyes in the struggles of the Draconic Claim in Suocé and issued a call to arms where he himself led a group of dragons to assist in burning down and taking control of the rivalling and already established Sovereignty of La Plancha, which the dragons desired to make into their primary feeding grounds. The tensions between both Sovereignties escalated into open warfare with the dragons quickly gaining the upper hand. However the La Plancha regentess Inka led a raid into the dragons' highest nesting grounds which Rhanzikik's forces were forced to defend, and despite being able to kill most of the leading attack force by himself, Rhanzikik finally fell to the angered Nidoqueen once it appeared he had finished off her mate.

To his credit, despite being cornered and crippled, Rhanzikik chose to take his own life rather than give Inka an opening for a final attack. His death was cried by the Dracona Elders and by the Johtoan draconic peoples, who came to see the Nidoqueen as an “horror” to their kind.


The original incarnation of Rhanzikik is a Garchomp who appears in the AU timeline of the “ Draconic Uprising” storyline.

Other than that, the character goes unmentioned in the Suocéverse.

Character Concept

Rhanzikik is intended to have the role of a “superboss” in an eventual Draconic Claim plot line. Well over four hundred years old, he used to be one of the rulers of the Dragon Holy Land in Johto. He took over the position the way dragons do - by challenging and beating the previous elder to a duel.

Late into his term he developed a chronic condition due to the exposure of the volcanic particles in the air of the Holy Land, and thus decided to retire to spend a simpler life in a non-draconic territory before he was beaten out of the position. He retied to a region in the tropical belt (probably Omixence) and remained there in peace, building up both health and knowledge. His insight of the ruling of the Sovereignty during various conflicts Johto was involved into, including the Day of Departure, led him to becoming a strong candidate and soon a member of the Seven Dracona Elders - the group of the highest ranking moral leaders of the draconic people, that would form the Suocéverse's counterpart to the Seven Jerk Dragons.

As one of the Dracona Elders, Rhanzikik oversaw the development and policing of dragon-type society in a number of territories including his old home the Holy Land, as well as the Charizific Valley. When the human masters at Blackthorn heard notice of the nomination of new dragon masters in Blackthorn, Rhanzikik refused to attend the ceremonies, citing the need of “new blood” to be acquainted with the humans; eventually some of those Pokémon would find themselves attached to Clair's Gym Leader team.

During his term as Elder, Rhanzikik found about a conflict between the migrating Swablu and Deino colonies in Omixence and the native population of Suocé Pokémon who were resisting the attempts by the dragons to establish a permanent population. Rhanzikik would decide to move to Suocé as an enforcer to make sure the La Plancha Sovereignty was dominated and annexed under draconic control, taking with him a number of understudies including the Suocéverse incarnations of Seishirō and Fuuma to deal with the new La Plancha management that had been fallen under control of regentess Inka.

Under Rhanzikik's control, hostilities between the draconic claim and the Sovereignty of La Plancha escalated until after an open skirmish, Rhanzikik's forces carpet bombed the southern border of the Sovereignty to cut off their access to human resources and help from Trainers. However at their return Rhanzikik and his convoy were ambushed by a force of various Pokémon from the Sovereignty and forced to defend the highest nesting grounds. Rhanzikik himself fought a group of Pokémon led by the La Plancha regentess, Inka, and killed many of them; however after apparently felling the regentess' mate, Rhanzikik fell prey to her growing expertise in dealing with the draconic population. Cornered and crippled by the Nidoqueen, Rhanzikik decided to take his own life rather than allow himself be defeated, citing that no enlightened “drao” would ever fall prey to lesser Pokémon under the thrall of humans.

Rhanzikik's defeat under the hands of Inka, witnessed by Seishirō and Fuuma, brought the Nidoqueen to fame among the Dracona Elder circles, in particular the ones in Johto, who since then call her by the epithet “Dovvol Kaal”, meaning more or less “horror of Dragonkind”.

Of the seven Dracona Elders of the The Present Era, Rhanzikik is the first to die during wartime and the one with the shortest term overall (little over 15 years). His position goes unoccupied until the rise of the Unovan dragons Reshiram and Zekrom, at which point he is succeeded by one of either Seishirō or Fuuma (though the other of the pair also succeeds another Elder by that time).

Rhanzikik's name is made up to look like a name in "Thu'um", the draconic language in The Elder Scrolls. The name contains particles related to the (non-canon) terms “raak” (to preside), “rahn” (to pass, as in to go through a passage) and “ziik” (mark). It also bears an accidental similarity to Ransik, a Power Rangers villain the titular characters are driven to fight among other reasons because he killed the mate of their female leader (the series' Pink Ranger).