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Roc is a male Staraptor specimen trained by Tagg and is a Guest Starring character in the Suocéverse, adapted from the original in WAAPT. He is the father of Shahinne, though neither he or his mate raised her, the Starly instead having been sent off to be raised by another Trainer from the egg.

In the timeframe from about Gen4 to gen6, Roc is among the strongest (non-Legendary) Pokémon of his raptor clade and is renowned as such. He (and Tagg by proxy) has been offered a number of job offers which he has refused, most notably the direction of one of the Emisre sovereign combat wings.



This section deals with events not yet published in Suocéverse canon (as of the last update of this article).


Roc has served with Tagg's team probably since an early age. If going by analogy to his WAAPT origins, Roc was caught early during Tagg's journey on Sinnoh while he was distracted eyeing a Luxio predator.

At around the time of the Pokefutures reveal, Roc participated in a number of activities against the corporation alongside the rest of Tagg's team. He and his mate (and/or a Ditto) had an egg, but Tagg was about to depart to Unova. For whatever reason, perhaps the protection of the chick, Roc agreed to have the egg given to a trainer of name Rigel who had just began his journey in Sinnoh.

At some point right before the canon events of Gen Ⅳ, Tagg and other Trainers were near the Unovan(?) Presidential House for a meeting when the landmark was assaulted by an underground group that had taken control of a large number of Golett line specimens in the country, including trained ones. Roc engaged a number of the ghost-golems in air joust and defeated them while Tagg and the other Trainers presumably sought safe passage out of the Presidential House. The sky battle was caught on television and Roc earned some fame as one of the strongest Staraptor around, having defeated no less than 15 Pokémon on his own.

End spoilers.


A couple years after his Unovan feats, parallel to the events of “Guild of Rienna(TBA) , representatives of the Sovereignty north of the Angela region sought Roc to recruit him (and probably the rest of the team) to their ranks, knowledgeable of his achievements. He was offered the leadership of one of the Death Desert Marches' three combat wings for them to join Rayquaza's call to invade the region of Emisre. ( Asking for Roc )

Roc declined the position for reasons he kept to his own and the dragons opted not to pursue recruitment; instead, they turned to Roc's daughter Shahinne, who had by then become a full-fledged Staraptor. Shahinne accepted the offer and became the lead of the South Wing during the Sovereignty's campaign on Mirtadenal City.

As shown in Built for Risk , Tagg reaches one of the semifinals in the Lega Runa Battle Tower opening octagonal of yr. 3734 PE, and sends Roc first for the battle where he goes against Machalí's (re-recruited) starter Inka. The two Pokémon clash with a variety of physical attacks leading to the rupture and replacement of several barriers around the battlefield. Roc is able to trivially deflect barrages of poison stings by making use of Defog. The results of the match are not explored in-story.

Battle Technique

Roc possesses an incredibly heightened proprioception and spatial awareness for a member of his species. He is aware of the wind surrounding him and even of the wind surrounding other nearby Pokémon; thanks to his collected nature and his reading of the winds he can calmly make decisions when under attack. Combining this degree of awareness with his high physical strength, he can deliver powerful blows and talon slashes, or even body presses in mid-air, that allow him to incapacitate a fair variety of opponents in air combat.

While his ability to detect and evade incoming attacks is not anywhere as developed as his daughter's, Roc can evade a fair share of beam attacks from below, provided he can know their nature in advance. This trait was key in his ability to sustain continuous battle with about 25 Golett and Golurk during an attempted takeover of the Unovan Presidential Palace, where he defeated at least 15 of them.

Techniques Known:

  • Tackle, Whirlwind, Endeavor.
  • Wing Attack, Aerial Ace, Brave Bird, Defog.
  • Close Combat.
  • Steel Wing (which he passed down to Shahinne).
  • (Potentially) The Accelerated Dive technique.



Roc and the rest of Tagg's Pokémon are Guest Starring characters by fellow author and PEFE member Tagg; Roc himself debuted with permission in Built for Risk . He originates from WAAPT.

The name comes from the mythological creature of the same name.

See also: Shahinne.