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Development of a Pokémon Fanon

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Characters in “Guild of Rienna(TBA) .
The Guild of Rienna (redux) Rienna LeaderIbrina MadisMiria EyglizDreisSainierLou VaranRigel DerisAi Len Martios
Antagonists PromisónMEGARIG ProjectAgent PAi SunaThe InvestorRhode – Emisrean Government – Pokefutures
Others "S" – Azari – Áster – Germis – Leugaros – Potestade SquadMariana – Miria's Mother – Gilardo and Dionisio – Ranger Jarvis – Ranger ColeAbruissi ParmisDerek ParmisEmisrean CabildoZina MenessRayquazaZygardeRegioClaudusSteven Stone