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Development of a Pokémon Fanon

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<noinclude> This template generates a small table with information about a Pokémon's combat stats.

Arguments include:

  • A number of parameters passed as the three letter abbreviation as uppercase, preceded with the letter p:
    pSTR (Strength), pDUR (Durability), pELE (Elemental Affinity), pRES (Resistivity), pMAN (Maneuverability), pRAN (Range) and pEXP (Expertise).
  • The parameter tAbilities indicating the character's Abilities, if any.
  • The parameter tLB indicating the character's ${LIMIT_BREAK}, if any.
  • The parameter tEncounterType indicating the kind of encounter this Pokémon is faced in: in the wild, as a Trained mon, as a summons, etc.


<subst(class)>t:Pokémon Stats|Name|pSTR=1|pDUR=2|pMAN=3|pRAN=4>}}


Combat Statistics
Strength @pSTR@
Durability @pDUR@
Elemental @pELE@
Resilience @pRES@
Maneuverability @pMAN@
Range @pRAN@
Expertise @pEXP@

  • (Demo1)
  • (Demo2)

:?: Metadata in development.