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18 Pidgeot Bird Pokémon
They soar across the sky with graceful motion, brandishing their colorful plumage as a sign of confidence. In some countries it is customary to have Pidgeot accompany ceremonies in the military.
22 Fearow Beak Pokémon
A Fearow body is optimized to maintain incredible altitude in flying. They were once revered as the last connection to the terrenal world before reaching into the Hnan Pacha, the heavenly world.
24 Arbok Cobra Pokémon
Lacking limbs, their primary way of dealing with attackers is constricting them to death. While their venom helps, their real finisher weapon is their ability to petrify enemies with a powerful glare.
27 Sandshrew Mouse Pokémon
Cautious and fearful of exploring alone, when a Sandshrew sees danger in the distance, it will curl into a ball as part of the fight-or-flight response. Sandshrew live in the desert.
28 Sandslash Mouse Pokémon
They memorize the softness or hardness of different areas of soil and use this to direct their attacks, springing and bouncing off sand dunes. They use their deceptively long tongues to catch flying prey, and rarely to slap opponents.
30 Nidorina Poison Pin Pokémon
In healthy environments Nidorina raise their young communally, forming cabals to chase off intruders and to manage the troops of wandering males.
31 Nidoqueen Drill Pokémon
When defending Nidoran nests, a Nidoqueen will walk intruders off while growling and stomping dramatically. Once far enough to not endanger the nest, they’ll stop the talking and start the thrashing.
33 Nidorino Poison Pin Pokémon
While usually aggressive, they retain some of the curiosity of their child stage. Sometimes they lose themselves in large fields of grass while looking for the next adventure.
34 Nidoking Drill Pokémon
After evolving, Nidoking’s body can break trees and rocks. Thus they depart from their land and nest in caves and ravines, where their now superior bodies represent a danger to prey and not to their own kind.
36 Clefable Fairy Pokémon
Even in a world of shadows, their clarity can enlighten the occult. From the whispers of worlds that wanted and tried to be, they draw the ability to use mysterious, reality-challenging powers.
38 Ninetales Fox Pokémon
Over their long lifetime they gain access to mystical powers even Ghost and Fairy Pokémon are not privy to. Were a revenge need generations to be enacted, Ninetales rests assured their curses can last that long.
59 Arcanine Legendary Pokémon
When the world was young, Man feared Fire. The majesty of Arcanine helped Man overcome this primordial fear and eventually tame Fire, birthing civilization – but the wildest, truest Arcanine remain forever untamed.
77 Ponyta Fire Horse Pokémon
Ambitious and impatient, they do not suffer well any time they need to rest to heal muscle or bone damage. Foals quickly learn to head to humans for treatment.
78 Rapidash Fire Horse Pokémon
Capable of releasing their power in explosive fashion. When they turn to open fields, they become free, fast and furious, and they will show no quarter to anyone who dares race through the place as fast as they do.
94 Gengar Shadow Pokémon
Even in a world of light, they thrive in the darkness. A tight control over their physical form allows them even to melt into certain surfaces and move across them from one obstacle to the next, as uncontainable as running water.
105 Marowak Bone Keeper Pokémon
Smear campaigns of old compared resistance fighters to Marowak, implying they would cannibalize their own kind for weapons and supplies and showing severe misconception about the Cubone line’s ritualistic pilgrimage for bone clubs.
121 Starmie Mysterious Pokémon
Hailing from an abyssal world, they connect their lifeforce with that of the worlds beyond the sky. The gem in their center is not an Omnicrystal but a “Starrogem”, and its true purpose is sinister.
123 Scyther Mantis Pokémon
Incapable of craddling their young or shaking hands with allies, they have acquired the reputation of murderbeasts. In truth they are faithful and attentive, and they have been observed learning the routines of their Trainers from observing their partner Hoothoot.
125 Electabuzz Electric Pokémon
Their strength and charge grow steadily as they pummel their opponents, so they need to step back and stretch every once in a while. Over time they become transparent to other creatures’ own electricity.
126 Magmar Spitfire Pokémon
Their arm and leg hide can retain high temperature for very long and project it in specific outward direction, making it possible for a well-trained Magmar to bounce back electric arcs and sear vegetal tissue simply by standing still.
137 Porygon Virtual Pokémon
Scientists once dreamed of a lifeform that would exist fully within the digital world. While their efforts did not fully prosper, Porygon inherits from those “digital monster” prototypes the ability to move through digital networks; albeit causing severe lag in MMORPGs when they do.
144 Articuno Freeze Pokémon
Disdainful bringer of snow. They prefer to bat their opponents with freezing winds and watch them squirm than to actually engage in direct combat.
145 Zapdos Electric Pokémon
Ruthless bringer of thunder. Their pointy plumage allows them to aim electric arcs at opponents in any direction without having to turn, as is prone to demonstrating on any invasion of their territory.
146 Moltres Flame Pokémon
Vengeful bringer of flame. They’ll dive into ravines and volcanoes to obtain various advantages against any pursuers - in particular those who think they are ready to handle the heat
150 Mewtwo Genetic Pokémon
Forged to be a weapon against behemoths of antiquity, Mewtwo would instead turn to protect its own kind – those who, under the banner of progress, were denied the choice of their own creation.
151 Mew New Species Pokémon
An ancient and resourceful race, they are considered either gods or cryptids. They seem to not care about the details themselves, but rather turn towards our own study of their kind as a form of amusement.
154 Meganium Herb Pokémon
They are often overlooked in the competitive sport, but their ability to siphon some forms of energy radiation from a large area and return it tained with Grass-type energy is highly valued. With this power, they help protect energy pools in the wilderness.
163 Hoothoot Owl Pokémon
Before the advent of the atomic clock, Hoothoot timetracking was considered the best non-intrusive method for chemical and astronomical experiments. Even today, POSIX 3028.E ISO Standard honours that practice with the hoot (2) system call.
178 Xatu Mystic Pokémon
A Xatu perched atop the highest pole will look for both the brightest and the saddest fate it can read for the creatures in its vicinity, but in its deep observance of both the past and the future will become paralyzed, unable to interfere.
229 Houndoom Dark Pokémon
It is said that the evilest creatures would prey upon others from the world of dreams. Even limited to our physical world, Houndoom will detect those threats and turn to wake up their partners - by howling, licking or biting.
230 Kingdra Dragon Pokémon
The fury of the elements betrays the singular beautifulness of this Pokémon. When they desire their opponent dead, storms and whirlpools will succeed each other until this treacherous desire is placated.
233 Porygon2 Virtual Pokémon
A huge code and workflow refactoring of three years replaced its tesseracts of rough if-else blocks with a new, true AI forked from Project Mycroft; the resulting leaner body also gained them popularity.
257 Blaziken Blaze Pokémon
Their legs become stronger to support harsher, even dangerous regimes and techniques. Blaziken trained in the martial arts of a secluded peninsula can even observe its secret principle, the Hou'ou kyaku combo that allows them to sear and tear with a ferocity compared to that of the legendary bird of light.
260 Swampert Mud Fish Pokémon
Even taking their bulk into account, Swampert are tremendously resistant and can dish crushing damage to anything within arms reach. Many a Trainer are taken by surprise when a Swampert uses their top-heavier body to spring on their arms, swinging their tail for aerial or cutting damage.
292 Shedinja Shed Pokémon
The mechanism by which some Nincada shells become this is poorly understood. What is known is that a Shedinja has no consciousness of its own, allowing it to better resist detection by empathic-reading techniques.
306 Aggron Iron Armor Pokémon
In other regions, folklore speaks of times when Aggron dying in wars would turn to their human partners and ask for them to use their plaques as shield. Perhaps this is how body armour was born.
310 Manectric Discharge Pokémon
In order to preserve their charge, Manectric roams for specific berries and lets its fur grow well. Sometimes Joltik swarms will seek refuge from predators in a Manectric’s mane, and Manectric will offer shelter in exchange of extra electric charge to deal with attackers.
333 Swablu Cotton Bird Pokémon
Because they spend so much time flying from place to place, they tend to be lazier on land. While a Swablu nesting on someone’s head as a hat is considered cute, few people realize it means the Swablu considers the head a safe and sound resting stop.
345 Lileep Sea Lily Pokémon
They once marched in numbers of millions across seafloors that are now valleys and mountain walls. The world has moved on since – and so have they, having acquired a taste for Feebas to compensate for the lack of prey from their time period.
350 Milotic Tender Pokémon
When Feebas evolve, they depart for the abyssal seas. What do they do there is unknown, but they return with three things: a new appreciation of sounds of the sea, annoying vanity for their own beauty, and a mysterious power to heal themselves from most kinds of wounds.
357 Tropius Fruit Pokémon
They gather in flocks and migrate across the seas when the seasos change and different creatures start going after their fruit. Sometimes, small populations get trapped in isolated islands.
372 Shelgon Endurance Pokémon
Inside a Shelgon carapace there exist only two things: restrained but budding stregth, waiting to turn the world to flame, and unforgiving memory of the hardships they’ve had to endure, that provides them food in their painful pilgrimage to the sky.
373 Salamence Dragon Pokémon
Wild Salamence know no chill. When a Salamence detects another dragon flying into their territory, they’ll fly ahead and greet the intruder in the customary way: by means of a charged Hyper Beam that is not even a warning shot.
384 Rayquaza Sky High Pokémon
An uniquely ancient wyrm that spends most of the time going from one nap to the next. Feared in some mythologies, for it was believed that after it was done eating the stars that fell from the sky, it would turn to our own world instead to sate its hunger.
389 Torterra Continent Pokémon
Wild Torterra are difficult to find – not because of their rarity but of their patience and integration with the environment. Sometimes a small “forest” suddenly quakes and shakes and its unsuspecting bird population scrambles amok as the Torterra below stretches its muscles.
398 Staraptor Predator Pokémon
Bugs and land-dwellers might not like it, but this is what peak avian performance looks like. Even if otherwise out of their league, a Staraptor will dive chase after a Dragonite from high altitude and land precise talon slashes to their wings and eyes.
474 Porygon-Z Virtual Pokémon
A botched 8 hours upgrade to porygon-2-2.004-nodejs-build-git-latest left Porygon-2 in this state, its form now irrevocably committed to the blockchain. In order to handle their new image, Porygon-Z have learned to allocate virtual particles in their vicinity to create phantom bodies that they manage via XMLRPC.
487 Giratina Renegade Pokémon
Holding primeval might over the forces that define the universe and an undying grudge against the Lake Trio, this Pokémon must remain isolated in a distorted dimension until its powers stabilize, or else the worlds that it manages to cross into shall face the final blight.
493 Arceus Alpha Pokémon
Recorded sightings of what is suspected to be Arceus differ on a number of features, even on its voice. It is believed that the chromed, lean form most often represented in scripture is but a “dressing” that confines Arceus to three-dimensional reality and allow it to interact with our known world.
638 Cobalion Iron Will Pokémon
A spirit of mindfulness. Venturing into populated outskirts every once in a while, they use the power of the blade not to fight, but to draw attention to the steadiness, technique and higher worldview needed in a hero.
639 Terrakion Cavern Pokémon
A spirit of righteousness. When war or disaster strike the wild lands, they offer the support of their word and their sword for those wild Pokémon who seek to return peace and simplicity to the wild.
640 Virizion Grassland Pokémon
A spirit of dutifulness. Standing alone amidst fields of grass, they beckon the world to move past them and their era, hoping to leave as legacy the responsible and masterful use of Fighting power.
20012 Bellynx Bell Kitten Pokémon
These small cats scout the night scaring away ghosts and other creatures, and demanding to be the center of attention of anyone they find wandering about.
20013 Carilune Lunar Bell Pokémon
The bell in their tail end alerts foes of their position, and some say it can be heard even by the deaf. Savvy specimens will use it as a distraction and intimidation asset.
20018 Bomsealker Meteor Seal Pokémon
Bomsealker can live in environments of extreme humidity like the oceans, or of extreme dryness like the volcanoes. Past this duality, they get their interest piqued by humans’ technology that allows them to develop slippery surfaces.
20019 Torb Shock Ball
Their whiskers are short and rigid. With some extra wiring, they can be used to charge the circuits in some agricultural machinery.
20020 Voltigre Shock Tiger
No matter the time of the day, their skin gives off a faint glow, which the black stripes in their fur obstruct. The patterns these glows and obstructions project in nearby walls have been mistaken as stalkers from ghostly realms.
20025 Ñatu ????
They gather on trees to inspect their targets, mimicking them in synchrony to intimidate them. Their uniquely curved beak allows them to take care of their plumage, though they should be focusing on the mysteries of the outside world instead.
27020 Camagrur Seawalker Pokémon
Clumsy creatures that seem to walk inside water. They trade the plaques in their torsos to keep psychic tabs on each other.
27021 Falgrergenza Tagged Mind Pokémon
They extend their watch over wide areas by anchoring the plaques in their backs to spots of interest, turning them into living beacons. They also share their tags with mates, strengthening their relationships.
27107 Teroraga Grass-dancer Pokémon
Small birds that rake the vegetation around them to loot seeds and grow them later.
27108 Trooibossa Infusion-dancer Pokémon
They collect vegetation to grow them in their flask-like quills. From the flowers and moss they grow, they can extract various abilities.