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Tao Duo

The Tao Duo is the name given to the pair comprised by the Legendary Pokémon Reshiram (Reshiram) and Zekrom (Zekrom), who live in the region of Unova. These two Pokémon are unique among their kind and revered in the region of Unova and others nearby as living deities. The two Pokémon were known to once upon a time have been part of the singular entity Drao, also called the “Original Dragon”.

Specimen Background


The following section deals with Lore details.
It should be considered semicanon, subject to change as the Pokémon franchise delivers more content.

Pre Rain from the Heavens

First records of the Tao Duo as individuals hail from the Fourth Era, when humans were first done establishing themselves in the Pokémon world; however, they are known to have existed before although no record remains of that. The two dragons wandered each on their own for most of the time and only during times of calmness approached the remains of the Grass Safehaven.

At some time in the past, Reshiram and Zekrom used the power of the Draco Plate to seal themselves in the form of “morph balls” which were left hidden in the remains of the Safehaven and were not recovered up until the height of the Fifth Era.

Fifth and Sixth Eras

Reshiram and Zekrom were raised from their slumber under unknown (undetermined) circumstances shortly after the Destruction Rain From the Heavens started hitting the Pokémon World. They scouted the world looking for fellow Dragon-types who could assist in the effort of migrating the survivors to the few remaining safe settlements.

The function of the two dragons was interrupted during that time period by the emergence of a dragon on unknown origin, Kyurem (Kyurem) who insisted on hunting them down and fighting them; as this interference put the survivors under undue risk, Reshiram and Zekrom decided to flee to a different continent (that would become present-time Unova) in the hopes that the other dragon would pursue them. Once there, the three dragons fought for a couple of years, with neither party gaining the upper hand until the native cervids from that region sent the three topmost skilled among their own - a trio of Cobalion, Virizion and Terrakion - to help break the tie. Reshiram and Zekrom eventually gained the upper hand and defeated Kyurem, who was later sealed in a deep ice cavern.

Reshiram and Zekrom remained at large in the new continent, loafing around and not bothering anyone, and over time the local dragons got used to their presence.

End lore.


The Present Era

The civilization of the Vale grew around both dragons, who were recognized as bringers of Truth and Ideals. However, the Vale fell into civil war with the two factions trying to wrangle each one of the dragons into the fight. After a nasty incident that caused great damage to the Vale, Reshiram and Zekrom renounced the civilization and moved to the moors closer to the Unovan coastline. There, they managed to morph into their ball forms again by undetermined means. Ashamed of the way they had been used during the War of the Vale, each dragon left a portion of their power loose into the world tracking for suitable heroes living in a dichotomy that would one day join forces to request their help.

Many dragons who had seen the duo's feats followed them looking for their favours, worshipping them as deities, and eventually a new small civilization was born there that over the years would grow into the Dragonspiral Moors Sovereignty.

Reshiram and Zekrom would eventually raise once again at the tail end of N's political campaign, where the revolutionary leader attempted to address the two dragons and request their favour in his attempt to override his father's takeover of the region's Pokémon League. After that the two dragons resumed their places as de jure monarchs of the Sovereignty, though still mindful of their previous experiences they decided to stay within the realm and interact with Pokémon and trainers to learn about the modern world; in particular, they would show interest in the lore surrounding the reemergence of the dragon Kyurem.

Vital Statistics

Being the only known trace of the first and foremost being created by the Dragon Trio, Reshiram and Zekrom have tremendous capabilities for (mostly) purely biological entities. They have a wide array of draconic techniques at their disposal and are proficient when fighting in close quarters, unlike other dragons of their tier such as Zygarde and Rayquaza. Not counting the time they have spent within their morph balls, they are both among the top five longest lived biological beings in the Suocéverse, with an age that exceeds the 200 000 years. Due to the circumstances of their creation, they lack both biological sex and the ability of their bodies to gradually repair themselves like most other creatures can; instead they must rely on sheltering themselves and using strong pulses of Dragon-type energy, or the ability to morph into their morph ball formes, to restore their bodies.

Both dragons are capable of sustained flight, being able to cover the entire ground of Unova in a single flight; they also do not take to large bodies of water very well.

Both Reshiram and Zekrom are capable of a limited form of Blink that allows them to whisk themselves back to their shrine atop the Dragonspiral Moors if they take crippling damage while close to it.