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Team Solarz

Team Solarz is the Adventuring Team established in the PMD Dimension's Treasure Town in the Suocéverse during the events of what would be Explorers of Sky. One of the various teams working for Wigglytuff's Guild, it was founded by Dalvin and Minto after they warded off some ruffians from the town.

The team was originally headquartered in Dalvin's secret cove near Treasure Town, but later moved to a secondary location.


Explorers of Sky

During the events of Explorers of Sky the team took on a number of missions fighting outlaws around Treasure Town, contributing towards earning Dalvin the connections he needed to find out the origin and purpose of his Relic Fragment; however, despite a full year of search, nothing was found. When Dalvin and Minto were recalled to Guild matters, which normal recruits from the wild world were usually not allowed into, Ŝafo or Talin retained control of the team and carried out tasks around town in their regard.

After learning the truth about the Relic Fragment and the fate the world was going to suffer, Minto and Dalvin managed to open a path through the Hidden Land. Team Solarz mounted a raid on the location to keep the various ferals away so that Minto and Dalvin could enter Temporal Tower and restore the lost Time Gears; most of Team Solarz was exterminated during the raid as they either succumbed in combat or were frozen in time, but Minto managed to lock the Time Gears in the tower, allowing time to return to its normal flow.


After Dalvin returned the team mostly dispersed after the events to deal with the reconstruction of the world. Ŝafo remained the main conductor of Team Solarz for a while until Dalvin resumed his position, and after that the team continued to operate for a few years, with some members going away to continue their lives as new blood was welcome into the group.

As of Beyond Today , Dalvin is retired from the team's leadership to pursue a potential family life, but hints the team remains active although its leadership is not clear (he does also mention Minto, the other co-founder, is away).


Main ensemble:


Potentially game-run exclusive recruits:

  • Pokéteco the Hoothoot.
  • Roc the Starly.
  • Algira the Surskit.
  • Helícea the Omanyte.
  • Doduo the Doduo.
  • Paras the Paras.
  • Shellos the Shellos.

Honorary members:

  • Grovyle (PMD)

Failed attempts at recruiting:

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