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 +===== Ufeŭ =====
 +**Ufeŭ** (or "​Ufeuu"​ in a ASCII-restricted script) is a male [[bp>​Eevee]],​ later [[bp>​Umbreon]],​ character concept related to [[Buchanan]].
 +===== History =====
 +===== Appearances ======
 +===== Character Concept =====
 +Ufeŭ is one of two Pokémon based off of the [[bp>​Umbreon]] from Bill's batch in Goldenrod in the author'​s run of Pokémon Soul Silver, who was brought several times to the routes around [[bp>​Mahogany Town]] for biking or looting cycles until he evolved. The "​daytime"​ counterpart is [[Buchanan]].
 +As a character concept, Ufeŭ is envisioned as an attentive and collaborative,​ but self-centered,​ night time worker, focused on his own work and prone to blaming others from or calling out any sort of mistake. a bit of a view of how after-hours working in IT is sometimes perceived to be. He would specialize in direct offensive techniques and on tanking attacks at close range to prevent their opponents from reaching allies down the road. Attitude-wise,​ he would be a sort of counterpart to [[Makenna]].
 +As a feline (sort of) Pokémon, he would be susceptible (and vulnerable) to summoning via [[Summon Cat]].
 +The name "​Ufeŭ"​ is derived from [[ubuntu>​UncomplicatedFirewall|ufw,​ the "​uncomplicated firewall"​]],​ written in Esperanto, and it would be pronounced similarly to "​ufew"​.
 +----dataentry pokemon----
 +species_tag : Eevee
 +name        : Ufeŭ
 +gender ​     : male
 +latest_stage : Umbreon
 +affiliations_pages : 
 +{{tag>​characters Pokémon Eevee male Character_Concept Source=Original Source=GameRun}}