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Virizion is one of the former historical rulers and now guardians of the Cadrícean Widefields Sovereignty. A male specimen of his kind rumored to be at least four hundred years old, Virizion is part of the trio of Pokémon who have taken charge of the Sovereignty since long before humans arrived to colonize Suocé. As of the events of GⅠ to GⅣ, Virizion is the de-facto Leader of the Cadrícean Sovereign.

Virizion roams the realm watching over the behaviours of those he considers his subjects - humans and Pokémon alike. Were he to find a threat, Virizion would move in quickly with a court of his closest followers and contain the threat.


Of his trio Virizion is the “responsible one”, even more than Terrakion. He's swift and explicit in his proceedings but also intolerant and unforgiving. His rough and demanding attitude would be more befitting of Terrakion in other regions and can take people who first meet him by surprise contrasting with his graceful and nimble physique. He's strict, misison-oriented and overall very dutiful in his position, but at the same time he is hard to approach and has become more so in recent times.

Virizion wanders across the landscape periodically watching over the activities that the subjects of the realm carry out for its welfare, be it the harvest of food or the persecution and combat of threats. He rarely ventures outside this realm. Oftentimes his presence is announced by the calling of one of his court from the frontlines, most notably his personal guard Caolené.

Virizion does not give much attention to direct interaction with his subjects and maintains a layer of duty and business to distance himself from them. Much like Terrakion, Virizion is well aware of the place the Sovereign have in the realm not only as its defenders and inspiring figures, but also as cultural icons; however much unlike Terrakion, Virizion sees himself as a magnanimous ruler, placed above the daily proceedings and the individual lives of its inhabitants, more concerned with the protection of its ideal instead, and considers the various Pokémon and humans living in the Sovereignty “owe them” (the Sovereign trio) for their welfare and the protection the trio provides. As such, Virizion and Cobalion often butt heads over the latter's more relaxed and gossipy nature.

When dealing with humans and human civilization Virizion is trusting but still severe and demanding in their accountability. Even in the cases he admits to be wrong in his commands (not any a frequent sight, mind) Virizion still punishes the followers who failed to carry it out, if in a noticeable half-hearted manner. Knowing of the importance of his presence for the realm, he demands no less than reverent obeiance to his commands and unquestionable dedication to any tasks he deems of importance for the security of the Sovereignty.

Because of his overall personality and the fact that he often has to do double-duty passing around the words of his fellow Cobalion, Virizion has built up a reputation for being intractable, impatient and in general very hard to work for; this reputation has only worsened after the Cadrícean Draft that Virizion himself enforced briefly during the Pokefutures reveal.

Virizion tends to ignore fights, usually letting his entourage of the day handle things like Trainer challenges; when he decides to take a challenger or a threat personally however he is a practical fighter, preferring to charge at his fullest strength from the get-go and end things quickly.

One kind of instance where Virizion will find himself interacting with other Pokémon in general is battle demonstrations and tutoring techniques for wild Pokémon or Trainers who have earned the opportunity - or paid the right price. For example, he has coached his favoured head guard Caolené into developing her own signature techniques.

With his general response to confrontation and provocation, it is no strange feat that Virizion holds the record for most finishers in recorded battles with Trainers.



Virizion is a very experienced fighter, and though not as formally taught as Cobalion and not as strong and well constituted as Terrakion he is among the three the most capable to both start and end a fight - decisively. Like other members of his species Virizion is tremendously nimble in the short range and is permanently moving, making it very hard to land a clean hit on him.

Compared to Terrakion's higher offense and Cobalion's wider techniques, Virizion is a specialist in chaining moves and assaulting opponents from different angles, and he can easily overwhelm opponents simply because it's not feasible to block his precisely aimed strikes for long enough. His defenses are also of decent quality in combination thanks to his nimbleness and his slender body allowing him to recover momentum fast when thrown off-balance, but separately they are not very great and he can easily be forced off his attack pattern by an overwhelming attack via overhead or the flank.

Like with other members of his species, while the head blade is the strongest and most well known use of the Sacred Sword's energy, it is not the only use. Virizion can materialize lesser amount of energy into blades or fans from the protrusions on his neck, in which form they are used for diving slices and for deflecting some attacks ( Caolené's Test :!: N/A ).

Finisher Combos

Virizion practises a flashy and fulminant style of swordmonship where he uses the Secret Sword's energy blade both for slicing and stabbing as he hops around and performs various acrobatic maneuvers in order to land attacks from any angle. He also uses his hooves for attacks and for deflecting hits in the short range, and can coerce features of a grassy or forested environment in order to block incoming long-range attacks.

All that said the real danger in facing Virizion in battle comes from his ability to chain attacks one after another and punishing opponents with any in a set of prearranged attack sequences, designed specifically to deal with various kinds of enemies. The pressure Virizion puts on those sequences might leave him winded afterwards but it is all worth to deal with most opponents decisively, fulminantly and spectacularly as befits his stature; few opponents in more mortal power brackets can get back to full force from such sheer offense.

Virizion has practised a number of such sequences, among them one to juggle an opponent over Virizion's head to be hit and swung by the energy blade twice in an arc, one that can lift an opponent off the ground flying in an arc where they can then be further hit by a volley of Energy Balls, and one that quickly dispels and re-summons the energy blade to land hit at three different angles, specifically designed to deal with the physiology of bipedal opponents. The latter particular finish is the one he tutored Caolené with in order for her to develop her own fencing skills in the form of Triple Cutter.


Like others of his kind Virizion has the ability to speak his mind to be understood by others, including humans, which is suspected to be via telepathy, and to read chemical messages plants send each other.

Virizion's chemical reading ability is not strongly developed and he will assistance from other Grass-types like Meganium that can help “translate” past simple messages such as indications of distress.

Techniques known

  • Leaf Blade, Magical Leaf, Energy Ball.
  • Double Kick, Sacred Sword.
  • Work Up, Retaliate.
  • Aerial Ace.
  • The Justified proactive ability.




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