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Volyrina is a female Axew in the PMD world, a foreigner from the northern mountains that immigrates into Post Town and establishes there Team Idílljrot. She takes on the role of the “partner” of the Gates to Infinity plotline of the Suocéverse.

Life Details

This section deals with events not yet published in Suocéverse canon (as of the last update of this article).


An undetermined time before the events of Gates to Infinity, Volyrina was one of the many younglings in the Axew clans living north of Post Town (but not as far north as the Glacial). Over time she grew disillusioned with the clan's (otherwise relatively safe) isolationist take on matters as the world was slowly devolving into apathy and treachery around them. Feeling that her clan had betrayed the sense of exploration and of dominance that should characterize a Dragon, Volyrina got into a fight with her fellow clanmembers. The meeting ended in not very amicable terms and Volyrina was no longer welcome in the nests. In her own words however, she defected from the clan - “their loss”.

Still not much knowledgeable of the world around her, Volyrina moved from place to place never establishing herself for long. In her head the idea grew that there should be a place in the world where Dragons, or at least Axew like her, would be able to learn and practice whatever they want - but after searching for a few years she could not find such place.

Decided to create a “dragon paradise” of her own, Volyrina tried to earn enough resources to start a business, going from place to place and doing random jobs in the hopes that she could buy herself a patch of land somewhere. However she was ignored several times and scammed a few others, and could never really progress in her idea up until Post Town's Quagsire decided to save her a contract for a patch of land in exchange for some “dangerous” services that the few venturing rescue teams were not willing to do.

It is in the context of delivering the deed for that patch of land that she gets lost in a forest and randomly happens upon Feremiz when the latter literally falls from the sky onto her head.

End spoilers.


After Volyrina and Feremiz meet, she decides to recruit him, offering her services in locating a particular three-headed dragon in exchange for his aid as the muscle to assist her while she dedicates to the logistics and the finances required to advance her plan. Most of the many odd jobs that Quagsire hands over to the team, she leaves Feremiz to handle.

Due to various circumstances the two of them end up extending the team far beyond Volyrina's initial expectations, including a few locals first, then a wanderer Virizion adventurer, and finally an Espeon and Umbreon who are researching the phenomena of “Gates to Infinity”.

Feremiz, Team Idílljrot

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