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Warring Triad

This article deals with Suocéverse Lore and other background elements.
It should be considered semicanon, subject to change as the Pokémon franchise delivers more content.
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The “Warring Triad” was the name given during some of the Previous Eras to the trio of Legendary Pokémon Kyogre, Groudon and Rayquaza, sometimes referred to by older Sovereignties as the “Behemoths of Antiquity” and nowadays known among humans as the “Weather Trio”.

These Pokémon earned their name after their emergence during the Third Era where thanks to becoming the last of their respective species and to the power they had built up while on the run from the Ancient Purges, they became a threat of the first order to the stability of the nascent Pokémon civilizations and the sheltered Human Species. The three Pokémon used their extensive elemental powers to coerce weather and nature to their bidding, and summoned or bribed the lesser Pokémon around them into joining them and warring wars against each other. These wars were responsible for the extinction of several species, some of which went on to contribute to the fossil record such as Annorith and Lileep.

At some point during the Third / Fourth Era, the very First Trainers obtained the blessing of the Lake Trio as a gesture of truce during the Pokémon-Human hostilities. The first Trainers went in pursue of the Warring Triad, attacking them separately, and managed to subdue and seal them - a feat which itself gave birth to the communion between humans and Pokémon.

The Warring Triad remained sealed for millions of years until the time period of the Destruction Rain from the Heavens. Facing annihilation, some civilizations accorded to gather the three Pokémon and unseal them in exchange for their cooperation in protecting the Pokémon World. Kyogre and Groudon turned back on their words at the first chance and went on the run and into hiding, unreachable in the Pokéarth's crust, whereas Rayquaza fell into a deep depression and went to watch the world die at the northern tropic, until he was spurred back into action by the elder wyrm Zygarde.

At some point a thousand or two years later, Kyogre and Groudon chased an enormous source of power materialized somewhere in Hoenn and clashed near Mossdeep, in the event that became their record in Hoenn myth. Some time later they clashed once again, but were defeated by Rayquaza, and the two of them were sealed with their consciousnesses put into stasis inside special Orbs.

Only Rayquaza remained somewhat active, whereas the location of the other two Pokémon was lost. That lasted until the The Present Era where terrosist teams Aqua and Magma managed to track them down and unseal them, and Rayquaza sensed their rising and himself awoke to intervene once again; this marked the onset of the Near Apocalypse of 3733.

After the events of the Near Apocalypse, the members of the Warring Triad remain individually at large. After an ill-fated attempt to capture Rayquaza ends in the destruction of the capital of the country of Emisre and the fall of the Pokefutures-supported government ( Guild of Rienna (TBA) ), no further attempts have been made to capture the Trio, nor have the Trio members made move against each other or attempts to wage wars again.

Being the last of their species and having survived across multiple Eras (even if while in stasis), the members of the Warring Triad are among, if not the, most powerful “mortal” Pokémon around, with only the rumored fused form of Reshiram and Zekrom expected to be stronger. Once awakened to its fullest power, Rayquaza himself managed to overcome both of the other members of the Trio as well as the human armies who were trying to contain the Weather Trio, in less than 15 minutes at the climax of the Near Apocalypse of 3733, and he was only able to discharge his full power once Zygarde pointed him to an undetermined threat in outer space.


In Final Fantasy VI (and later XIV), the is the name given to the three “deities” who originally created the Espers or “magical creatures” from the inhabitants of the world and forced them to serve as soldiers in their wars against each other. The name in the Suocéverse is a reference to this relationship between these creatures and the “lesser beings” that they transformed and forced to serve, as well as their balance being disrupted beckoning a catastrophe for the world.

Each of the Warring Triad are linked to an element in the Jewel of Life: Water (Kyogre), Ground (Groudon) and Dragon (Rayquaza).