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Making the World Go 'Round has now been crossposted to more platforms. As per usual, the wiki article on the story has all the details.

2022/09/03 22:52 · admin

The Case for Furigana

This is largely a rewriting of the original case I lifted for the use of ruby / Furigana annotations in English for story writing, such as fanfics, originally submitted for the PokéCommunity forum. Only now it's reformatted and made publicly available in order to support the feature request in other communities and cases.

The idea is, English is good at taking stuff from other languages. Why not take then from East Asian languages the concept of annotations to enhance pronunciation, semantic meaning and other features of text communication?

→

2021/11/08 17:52 · admin


This is a test. If it's successful… I guess I have an excuse for doing stuff.

2021/11/08 14:18 · admin

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