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 ====== Contact ====== ====== Contact ======
-These contacts are provided mostly for a fanwork and planning basis.+If you wish to get in contact on a more direct / private manner, the following are made available mostly for a fanwork and planning basis.
-  * XMPP: at ''veniasilente[@]tropi.us'' or ''veniasilente[@]xmpp.chat''+  * email: ''veniasilente [at] protonmail [dot] com'' 
-  * Social networks: at fandom.ink/@VeniaSilente .+  * XMPP: at ''veniasilente [at] tropi.us'' or ''veniasilente [at] xmpp.chat''[size=smaller]See [[https://conversejs.org/|converse.js]] for a web interface.[/size] 
 +  * Social networks: at fandom.ink/@VeniaSilente on Mastodon, /u/venia_sil on Reddit, or veniasilente at Tumblr.

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