This is stuff I'm doing on my own or were created on my own. Compare and Contrast Collaborations which is about my participation on other people's projects.

Quickie list of works and projects:


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  • Ode to the Third World: The Unfought: my collection of “Rise intro” style poems for Monster Hunter that covers mons from the franchise's third generation.
  • Oda al Tercer Mundo: Imbatidos, Spanish language “Rise intro” poem variations of the above.

Worldbuilding Projects



monsteriense is spellcheck files for writing in the Monster Hunter fandom, containing the names of Monsters and of a few unique items.


pokedics is spellcheck files for writing in the Pokémon fandom, compatible with LibreOffice. As of last update of this article, English for example is up to G8, partial G9.


I publish a multipart set of AO3 work styles for the stories I publish under my AO3 account.

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