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Review List

This is a listing of works I've reviewed to the last update of this article. Not necessarily complete.


Oneshots and completed stories that have been reviewed to completion.


Stories that are not yet completed and that I have reviewed, not necessarily to completion up to their review date. Sorted in, more or less, reverse chronological order of first review.

[+] indicates more reviews are in progress as of last edit of this page.
  • PMD: Mercenaries of Dawn (BMGf) (StolenMadWolf) [Ch1]
  • Gears of Mana (MakkuroKiba) [AO3 release] [Prologues]
  • Pokémon Crossing (Cherry_BombBees) (Ch.1)
  • Pokémon Legends: Sinjoh (JoshTheWriter) [Ch.1] [+]
  • Vestigios del Dragón (Fers) [Prologue] [+]
  • The Rose of Team Magma (lilygardy) [Ch.3] [+]
  • Magic & Transvolution (Sonic Ramon) [Ch.3] [+] (Ch.3 review)
  • Of Sands and Shadows (HelloYellow17) [Ch.3] [+]
  • The Stairway to Heaven (gimmepie) [Ch.4]
  • Hearts of Strife (Sol) [Ch.1]
  • Casting Off (Virgil134) [Ch.2] [+]
  • Fledglings (Fobbie, Virgil134) [Ch.72] [+]
  • Etrian Tales: El Escudo Negro (Darlich) [Ch.1]
  • Fuego Quimérico (Maze) [Ch.1] [+]
  • Dragony (canisaries) [Ch.2]
  • Weaversong (Adam) [Ch.2] [+]
  • Heroic Dreamers (Navarchu) [Ch.2]
  • Heroes After All (Umbramatic) [Ch.1]
  • PMD: Reflecting Balance (DarkerShining) [Ch.7]
  • The Wanderings of the Roving Mightyena (Debora) [Ch.1]


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