Review List

This is a listing of works I've reviewed to the last update of this article. Not necessarily complete.


Oneshots and completed stories that have been reviewed to completion.

  • Context Switch (Fobbie) [legacy] [one-shot]
  • The Great Dunsparce Apocalypse (Namo) [one-shot]
  • Contentment (Hyzenthlay) [one-shot]
  • 750p an Hour (boogle) [one-shot]
  • The Island (5querty) [one-shot]
  • You Wouldn't Steal a Car (but Volkner would) (JustATorchic) [one-shot]
  • Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Plasbad (Umbramatic) [legacy]
  • A Lizard in the Garden (NebulaDreams) (link) [one-shot]
  • Prayers Unheard (Namo) (link) [one-shot]
  • Lunar (Namo) [one-shot]
  • The Snow I Miss (Vragon2.0) (link) [one-shot]
  • Fame (DramaticMelody) [one-shot]
  • Splice of Life (Umbramatic) [one-shot]
  • Twelve Years (Juno) [one-shot]
  • Crater Dreams (Umbramatic) [one-shot]


Stories that are not yet completed and that I have reviewed, not necessarily to completion up to their review date.

[+] indicates more reviews are in progress as of last edit of this page.
  • Pokémon Legends: Sinjoh (JoshTheWriter) [Ch.1] [+]
  • The Rose of Team Magma (lilygardy) [Ch.3] [+]
  • Of Sands and Shadows (HelloYellow17) [Ch.3] [+]
  • The Stairway to Heaven (gimmepie) [Ch.4]
  • Hearts of Strife (Sol) [Ch.1]
  • Casting Off (Virgil134) [Ch.2] [+]
  • Fledglings (Fobbie, Virgil134) [Ch.68]
  • Etrian Tales: El Escudo Negro (Darlich) [Ch.1]
  • Fuego Quimérico (Maze) [Ch.1] [+]
  • Dragony (canisaries) [Ch.2]
  • Weaversong (Adam) [Ch.2] [+]
  • Heroic Dreamers (Navarchu) [Ch.2]
  • Heroes After All (Umbramatic) [Ch.1]
  • PMD: Reflecting Balance (DarkerShining) [Ch.7]
  • The Wanderings of the Roving Mightyena (Debora) [Ch.1]


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